[October 16th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Hello, honored fellow fighters, it’s October 16th. I didn’t post my workout videos in the past two days. Do you know why? Do you know? Because I don’t want to show you. Brother-7 has been practicing a few difficult moves recently. I did the auxiliary puller for the past two days. Because I have an injury here, they told me to practice a few difficult moves. It looks very simple, but I start to sweat after working out for just 5 minutes. 

When I complete this exercise, I am going to challenge Brother Haidong in football. I will concede 5 goals to him.  What do I mean to concede 5 goals to him? Do you understand, brothers? I will challenge Brother Haidong.

At around 3 o’clock in the morning last night, “Jiangxi Fellow” and his whole family had just rushed out of China. This individual was a buddy of Chen Zhen, who was originally one of Meng Jianzhu’s (former minister of Public Security) executive secretaries. Chen Zen helped him many years ago. He completely listened to Chen Zhen’s advice and developed his business overseas. 

After having made some fortune, this guy had not forgotten Chen’s favor. Back in those years, Chen Zhen told him not to muddle along in China and go abroad. In the past few years, he was unable to resist the temptation and hooked up with Sun Lijun (former vice minister of Public Security) as well. After connecting up with Sun, he also met Zhao Wei’s (famous Chinese actress) husband Huang Youlong. And I don’t know how he did it, and he helped Huang to remit money a few times. 

His whole family was arrested in China some time ago. The CCP told him to transfer the money back first. Later he discussed his problem with me and asked, “Should I save my family, or should I cooperate with them completely to the end?” I gave him a tip. Because in this guy’s mind, Brother-7 is a god, definitely a god. Later, the trick I gave him worked, and the whole family all ran out. 

Yesterday I spoke to him on the phone. He told me some stories about Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of Jiang Zemin), Ma Yun (Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group), Huang Youlong, and the story of a Shanghai policewoman named “Sister Na” — Shanghai’s No.1 “Prostitute Policewoman.” I listened to the stories of Sister Na, more enjoyable than listening to pornographic films. 

Anyone who understands this knows what Brother-7 has said: nowadays, women bring diapers with them when they go out. In addition to the sanitary napkins, women also bring the children’s diapers. Brother-7 brings this “paper towel” — hahaha! I am getting old; there are more nasal discharges and less of that xxx. 

You will have to carry this “Brother-7 brand snot wiper paper” with you everywhere in the future. Put it here, put it on your waist; this is also G-Fashion. We will make clothes with two towels and hang them here in the future. Look, this is also called G-Fashion.

When I finished this exercise, I was all sweaty. After I listened to his story, brothers and sisters, let me have a good talk with you on the live broadcast tomorrow. We will have a long live broadcast tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we will have a saint joining us. She is a devout religious believer, probably unmarried, called Eglise, also known as “Zhong Sheng.” We will also have our sister Zhaoying who has smoother skin after taking artemisinin — the world champion.  And Brother Hao Haidong, China’s No.1 hunk man — I will play verbal football with you tomorrow. These are all our guests tomorrow, including “300 years Feifei.” 

Tomorrow’s broadcast will be incredible. I don’t know if Xiao Fu Li will join us or not. We will have a powerful guest alliance tomorrow. We will discuss a lot of topics, and I will talk about what happened last night and the past two days.

Brothers and sisters, remember what Brother-7 said: at this time, it’s almost over 60% to 70% sure that Jiang (Jiang Zemin, former president of China), Zeng (Zeng Qinhong, former member of CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee), Meng (Meng Jianzhu, former minister of public security), Han Zheng (vice premier of China), and Wang Qishan (vice president of China) will make a big comeback because they have no other way out. 

Tomorrow I will have a good chat with you. What I will say tomorrow — tomorrow our G-Translator team and some fellow fighters of Himalaya Farms must remember, when you hear me saying “I am beginning to talk seriously,” you start to prepare short videos, no more than 3 minutes, with standard subtitles, and post them immediately. Because what I will talk about tomorrow is very important, I want the world to know about the economy, real estate market, the current political situation in China, and this legal case.

One of our brothers at the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) was working on a case in Hong Kong a few days ago, but now he has escaped. “Brother-7, I had to think on my feet and leave immediately. I am sorry I am a bit selfish,” said this guy after he had escaped. And he is in Japan now.

Let me tell my brothers and sisters who are still in the CCP system again — for those who want to flee the CCP and those who have huge assets; there are only two nations in the world where you can be safe — America and Japan. There are no other places where you can be safe, including the UK, France, and Germany.

Sooner or later, people like Huang Youlong (husband of Chinese actress Zhao Wei) will be deported back to China. He is now in France and will soon be sent back to China. Our brothers at CCDI understand this tactic very well.

“I was assigned to capture Huang Youlong, so I brought a few people with me,” said this guy of CCDI, “but these buddies, including me, were all busy grabbing money — from where he hides it.” Those officials assigned to this case call it “Tao Dong.” That means digging out the money and assets hidden by those big bosses and corrupt officials. Everybody scrambled to grab money like crazy.  

These CCDI officers’ intent is crystal clear — either they grab the money or be killed by someone else, so it is best to snap up as much money as possible and run away. So, he fled to Japan. He seized a lot of money from those corrupt officials, and now he has left mainland China. The nature of his duty determined his misbehavior.

He has just a few family members who are still in China, maybe two or three family members there, and they have very little interaction with him, so they will not become a burden to him. He has escaped, but unfortunately, his wife has not fled China successfully, though the couple has a so-so relationship. He escaped with a sister of his. His younger sister first went to Taiwan and then arrived in Japan. She is also a fantastic person. I will give you a brief story about them tomorrow.

The leadership of CCDI did not even know that he had escaped. Only the task force at the lower level knew about it, but they did not dare to report to the leadership.

Brothers and sisters, let us talk about the military. Do you know what happened in the military? I will tell you tomorrow. Brother Hao Haidong, Sister Ye Zhaoying, Eglise, and “300 years Feifei”, please do not forget to remind me tomorrow. If you forget, I will not be responsible because we have so many topics for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will speak of some issues in the military. Undoubtedly it will go far beyond your imagination. When I expose some “conversations,” all the CCP officials, especially the military officials, I will scare the hell out of them. I know they will tell a different story to “Big-headed Xi (Xi Jinping).” Of course, they will report a totally different version to “Nutty Xi.”

Just like I said four years ago, all those people around Xi Jinping smeared me as a liar. Right? You can verify it from Chen Guoping — the former vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and another son of a bitch called Ni Jian (Chinese ambassador to UAE), a big corrupt official who always pretends to be miserable. As well as Wang Yi (former vice Foreign Minister) who always calls me a criminal.

What about now? All those who called Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) a liar and slanderer in the past have been proven wrong — what I said is true. This is not my own opinion, but a statement from Wang Huning, Zhao Leji (both are members of the Politburo Standing Committee), and the entire National Security Commission of the CCP.

Do you know what the National Security Commission (NSC) of the CCP is? It’s equivalent to the KGB of the former Soviet Union. The CCP’s NSC is China’s KGB. The CCP’s NSC is just like the former Soviet Union’s KGB.

It was this agency that had affirmed what I said was true. Everything that Guo Wengui said in the past that once was considered absurd or fabricated, according to their reports, has been proven to be true — i.e., my revelations about people like Meng Jianzhu (former minister of Public Security), Wang Like (former vice Foreign Minister), and Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of Jiang Zemin, former president of China).

I still have much material that has not yet been disclosed. It is still inappropriate to talk about the Zeng Qinghong family (a former member of the Politburo Standing Committee). I know all the most influential figures in the Zeng family. 

At this moment in time, do you think these people are fools?  Without a doubt, the Jiang Zemin family, Zhu Rongji family, Zeng Qinghong family, and Wang Qishan family will launch a counterattack against Xi Jinping. They will surely fight back. Let us wait and see.

Tomorrow we will continue to talk about vaccines. See how bad the vaccine disaster has become?

“Brother-7, do you realize how influential you are in the political circle in China because of your exposure of the truth of the vaccine disaster?” said both this CCDI guy who has escaped to Japan and this businessman from Jiangxi who has fled China.

“Just because you did not get the harmful vaccine, and you got the fake vaccine, leave immediately, try to be alive if you can, and do not hesitate,” said those people who helped him escape and those who had fled China like him. Actually, the injection he got was a fake vaccine. 

Now, take a look at the various vaccine policies of governments around the world. All those countries with extreme policies are the ones being threatened, someone holding a gun to their heads. Most countries have lifted restrictions, and they will stop the vaccine disaster.

Brothers and sisters, aren’t we moving the earth with the power of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the G-Series? Am I right? What do you think? Well, I will see you tomorrow in the long live broadcast. Thank you.

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