Italy: Large-scale Workers Protest against Vaccine Passport

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team – AlexZ

On October 15, Italy’s “Green Pass,” or vaccine passport, was enforced nationwide. Workers who refuse to accept the vaccine passport will face fines or layoff without pay. Workers from all over Italy strongly protested this policy. Opponents believe that the vaccine passport is a “dictator’s tool.”

The largest parade took place at the major port of Trieste in the northeast. About 6,000 people gathered and protested against the vaccine passport implementation and promised to suspend port operations until the vaccine passport was canceled.

Some of the Milan public transport company’s workers announced a strike and block of public transport throughout the city once the vaccine passport mandate came into force.

Protests against vaccine passports also took place in Genoa’s ferry terminal and international airport terminal and led to traffic blockages.

Large-scale Italian workers protest against vaccine passport

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