U.S. Navy Again Presses Administrative Pressure Ahead of Injunction Class Action Outcome

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On Wednesday, the Navy released its latest administrative document stating that all active-duty Navy personnel who have not completed vaccinations or have been granted medical or religious exemptions by Nov. 28 will be required to retire from active duty. Reserves in the Navy will be required to complete their vaccinations by Dec. 28. Those who do not comply will be transferred from their positions and will have their military careers affected.

On Aug. 17, two months ago, Army Staff Sgt. Dan Robert, and Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Hollie Mulvihill, filed a class action lawsuit in Colorado District Court, naming Department of Defense officials, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, as defendants. The lawsuit makes clear that the DOD’s vaccine mandate openly violates the military’s authority and is unconstitutional. In the following week, attorneys in charge of the lawsuit stepped up efforts to add a request for a judge to order that a temporary injunction be issued against the program, halting all COVID vaccinations.

As the lawsuit proceeded, the Navy Administration, fearing that the upcoming results would adversely affect the mandated vaccination program, again pressured service members who had not received the toxic vaccine. Meanwhile, government-level injunctions continued to advance across industries, causing employees in the restaurant, retail, airline service industries, teachers, police officers, and medical personnel to leave their jobs, dealing a huge blow to the stable social order.

Even as the deadline approaches, awakened American servicemen and women will still choose to stand up for their beliefs and refuse to submit to government injunctions to be vaccinated. As Cardinal Vigano said, the COVID vaccines are still in the experimental stage. It not only fails to provide immune protection for the human body, but also causes a variety of serious side effects. Forcing people to receive an experimental vaccine is a grave sin against humanity.

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