NFSC flag presents to the world during a Marathon

Translated by: Angelina (正道主义小草)

At the time of historical sensation, The New Federal State  of China (NFSC) was solemnly founded on June 4th, 2020.  The NFSC flag represents freedom, democracy, Rule of Law, and faith. It is an embodiment of NFSC Orthodoxy.

On Oct 14, Miles Guo GETTR mentioned, a handsome whistleblower movement fellow warrior , a marathoner who was confidently smiling , carrying a solemnly beautiful NFSC flag on the runway of 125th Boston Marathon on Oct 11.  His swift and muscular body with full of energy , became a beautiful scene in the marathon match . That attracted local reporters preseason games the camera shutters , sending out the victory NFSC image to the rest of the world .

Where ever the truth seeking and sticking NFSC people go, where the highlights are.  We are truly proud of being a member of The New Federal State of China 

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