Miles Whistleblowing10/17: Several CCP Rival Factions Attempted to Assassinate Xi Jinping

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During his live broadcast on October 17, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed the shocking political news that several rival factions in the Chinese Communist Party attempted to assassinate Xi Jinping. Xi originally planned to pay a photo-op visit to Wuhan during the virus pandemic in 2020 but cancelled the visit after he learned that political rivals Sun Lijun, Wang Like, and others plotted to assassinate him during the occasion. Xi immediately sent his men to investigate. Sun Lijun was placed on double disciplinary process; other rivals like Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan were put under house arrest; it was found that Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of former Chairman Jiang Zemin) also participated in the scheme.

During the virus outbreak in Wuhan in 2020, Sun Lijun arrived in the city in March but was arrested a month later, on April 19. On October 3, the Chinese Communist Party announced suspending the IPO listing of Ant Financial (a company affiliated with Jiang family); several of the company’s executives were interrogated. In March 2021, Jiang Zhicheng announced to move his fund Boyu Capital to Singapore.

The reason behind this series of incidents is a shocking political plot. A former CCDI official who defected to Japan and is now our fellow recounted the events to Mr. Guo.

Officers in both the Hubei Military Zone and the Shanghai Security Zone reported to Xi Jinping that Sun Lijun and Wang Like plotted to assassinate Xi during his cancelled photo-op visit in Wuhan. Xi Jinping was furious after reading the report because he underestimated the Jiang family—he never imagined these people would dare to kill him. Xi gave the order to investigate immediately. Xi sent his most trusted Ding Xuexiang from the CCP Central Office to investigate, but for some reason Ding Xuexiang didn’t finish the investigation promptly. Ding Xuexiang rarely appears in the public recently; whether this is due to his slow investigation is unknown.  

Xi Jinping is from a politician family after all and has made two plans. He ordered agents from the PLA Department 3 (intelligence department) to investigate as well. PLA Department 3 reported that Wang Like, Sun Lijun, and Luo Wenzheng were plotting to assassinate Xi. According to our fellow from the CCDI, Xi Jinping was aghast the whole time as he trembled, and his face turned color. Knowing that he underestimated political rivals like Jiang, Wang, and Meng, Xi sent another officer (friend of the former CCDI official) to investigate the case. After the officer understood the situation, he advised Xi to take immediate action against Sun Lijun.

After being detained in the double disciplinary process, Sun Lijun confessed that Jack Ma and Jiang Zhicheng plotted to kill Xi Jinping, who retaliated by carrying out massive arrests of the executives of Ping An Group and Ant Financial, and by putting Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, and others under house arrest. The once powerful Wang Qishan almost collapsed when he heard the announcement of extra security guards monitoring him. More than 20,000 agents were sent to investigate thousands of individuals, including Meng Jianzhu, Chen Zhen, Luo Wenzheng, Wang Like, and their family members. Xi Jinping even authorized the kidnapping of the family or friends of political rivals anywhere globally, excluding the United States and Japan, regardless of any international impact.

In March 2021, Xi sent agents to arrest Jiang Zhicheng and his girlfriend (who gave birth to twins) in Singapore.

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