The Arrest behind “Democratic” Election in Canada

Translated by: MOS Information Team – Fox

On October 14, CTV News Saskatoon reported that the province of Saskatchewan Police planned to arrest volunteers and supporters who attended the People’s Party of Canada election night gathering on September 20th. To date, the 2021 Canadian democratic election has just been ended.

The police department stated that members of the public can remain anonymous and leave a tip should they recognize anyone pictured. However, no relevant reports have pointed out which laws and regulations in Canada have been violated by these participants. Netizens speculate that the People’s Party of Canada is the only federal party that opposes the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine passport.

In fact, on September 20th, Canada’s general election day, all parties in Canada held election day gatherings, but the arrest was only aimed at PPC supporters. It can be said that this kind of targeted arrest really makes Canadians scared, not to mention the anonymous reporting behavior that violates the democratic system encouraged by the police department.

Sadly, perhaps the democratic election system in Canada was gone already.

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