The State University of New York at Buffalo Canceled the F-1 Status of at Least 30 Chinese Students

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – LaoSan

According to PIE News, the State University of New York at Buffalo recently cancelled the F-1 status of at least 30 Chinese students. An international education organization said this was the largest collective cancellation event in a decade.
The school stated, “In order to maintain student (F-1) visa status, the new students arrived in the United States and needed to report to their designated school officials, submit a valid address, pay any required fees, and enroll full-time.”
Currently, about 37 students have violated the rules. These students did not submit I-94 documents to the International Student Services Office within 30 days of arriving on campus. This document is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s arrival and departure records of travelers entering the country, used to confirm the visa status of the travelers and the legal time to stay in the United States.
The school’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association stated on social media, the I-94 form “is not a very difficult document,” but not all schools need it.


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