Zerohedge: Due to heart inflammation, the FDA postponed its decision on adolescent vaccines, and Moderna’s stock fell

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team– Chevalier

Zero Hedging Report on October 15-According to sources, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) followed the same practices as the four Nordic countries, either completely banning or selectively banning, and postpone the Moderna covid vaccin on young population. The authorisation of the vaccine would depend on whether the vaccine caused a rare type of heart inflammation.

Moderna’s stock price fell in response. Until 1:06 this afternoon, it had fallen 1.5% to US$327.01.

Paul Burton, chief medical officer of Moderna, complained the decision, saying that the FDA data did not show any significant difference in the rate of myocarditis between Moderna and Pfizer vaccinators.

Given that Washington lawmakers recently asked Moderna to hand over the vaccine patents, the timing of the FDA’s decision is also intriguing.

Last year, the news that Pfizer’s chief executive sold $5.6 million worth of stock on the same day that the vaccine was announced. It has revealed that these prostitution, morally degraded large pharmaceutical companies and the front-stage spokespersons of the dark forces fully understand what vaccination means: a drug injection. The FDA’s decision is obviously influenced by them. Now that they are out of sync, which confirms Mr.Miles Guo’s interpretation of “the dark forces of the world and the Chinese Communist Party ‘s influence are degrading because of the vaccine”. The truth about the vaccine is gradually being revealed and Will eventually come to light.

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Zerohedge: 因心脏炎症问题,FDA推迟对青少年疫苗做出决定,Moderna股票下滑

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