Miles Whistleblowing10/17 CCP and Big Parmas Try to Smear Artemisinin, A Magic Substance for the Future Mankind

by Boredbug

Mr. Miles Guo started his broadcast with the heroic couple, Mr. Hao Haidong and Ms. Ye Zhaoying, and Fei Fei, Qing Teng, and Eglise today with response to the CCP’s attempt to smear and suppress the promising antidote for COVID-19, artemisinin.

Mr. Miles Guo got some calls in the past 48 hours from Deep Water Bay in Hong Kong where the PLA Hong Kong Garrison is stationed, claiming that artemisinin can cause a series of severe side effects.

Mr. Guo asked Eglise whether artemisinin can cause severe side effects including lung diseases, and all kinds of infarctions. Eglise, who has practiced in medicine for more than 20 years, replied that to her knowledge, artemisinin does have some side effects, such as gastrointestinal discomfort, skin allergy. The worse side effect from artemisinin to her knowledge is fever and she has never heard of any damages to the lung in her 20-plus years of medical practice. Eglise added that artemisinin is a magic substance in terms of medical treatment but more research needs to be done to find out its magic power.

A doctor aged 101 who knew Tu Youyou, the Nobel laureate for the discovery of artemisinin, told Mr. Guo that Ms. Tu knows artemisinin is a promising substance for treating HIV, diabetes, and many other chronical diseases. That’s why she said artemisinin is one of the most important gifts Chinese people have presented to the world and will bring light to the future of mankind. The CCP has been studying this magic substance for years and has kept this secret from the outside world.

Fei Fei, who has recovered from COVID-19 not long ago, also provided some information about artemisinin. First, artemisinin has suppressive effect on the level of testicular hormone but this effect will fade after 21 days. It is used as an auxiliary substance for treating cancers but because it is not a lucrative business, the big pharmas seldom invest in research and development on this substance. From her personal experience, after taking the artemisinin supplement, her gustatory sense lost after COVID-19 infection has recovered but her olfactory sense has not recovered yet.

Mr. Guo delivered the message from our heroic defector scientist that artemisinin is almost an elixir that has magic effect on clearing blood clots, treating cancers, etc. It has been widely used on the Chinese air force and submarine soldiers to strengthen their circulation systems. The motive behind the censorship and suppression of artemisinin by the big pharma is no different from that of hydroxychloroquine. It is because artemisinin is cheap and medicine based thereon is unlikely to become a cash cow for the big pharmas.

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1 month ago

Naturally occuring in wormwood. Used in Chinese medicine to trat malaria