CCP Virus Vaccine Briefing

Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

  • Catanzala, chairman of the Chicago Police Union, who once compared the mandatory vaccination with Nazi Germany, called on police officers to resist the city’s mandatory vaccination policy. The Chicago government required employees to submit vaccination records before Friday, otherwise they will face semi-weekly testing.
  • Two university districts in California–Los Angeles and San Diego school systems were accused of discriminating against and depriving unvaccinated children’s equal rights to public education due to compulsory vaccination policies. Both school districts predated the state government’s student vaccination requirement and implemented stricter standards compared to those of the state government. The vaccination requirements were extended to people between 12 and 15 years old, and religious exemptions were not allowed.
  • Arkansas Governor Hutchinson did not express whether he approves or opposes that employees can choose not to participate in President Biden’s vaccination mandate policy, saying that “this policy will be allowed to become law without my signature.” In Arkansas, If the governor does not veto within five days, the bill will become the law.
  • A California judge partially blocked an order that went into effect this week that required state prison employees to be vaccinated against the CCP virus. A judge in Kern County, California issued a temporary restraining order to prevent state prison employees from being vaccinated against the CCP virus. The vaccine mandatory order is set to take effect on Friday and applies to all prison staff with health care facilities. The California Correctional Officers Association expressed and opposed to the vaccine policy.
    Extinguishing vaccines with the law has developed greatly in the United States, and people have begun to use the law as a weapon to defend their most basic rights-the rights to survival.

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