Singers’ Weibo accounts deleted for their new song breaking little pink’s heart

  • Translation: Lulumi
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

The “Malaysian Ghosican” Namewee Huang Mingzhi released his new song “Fragile” with Kimberley Chen Fang-Yu. “The music video is full of Insinuative sarcasm tones for pinks. Although it is labeled as a love song, the lyrics of the song are all sarcastic about “little pink”, which has been labeled as an “insulting China song” by netizens. The new song was released, but Weibo of both Namewee and Kimberley “disappeared”. In response to this, Kimberley also boldly adapted the lyrics of “Fragile” as “It’s okay, I still have IG and FB”, and even shouted and encouraged to fans: “Don’t be afraid of being yourself”.

The new song “Fragile” is a bold attempt to incorporate “insulting elements” into the Chinese Communist Party(CCO), and also incorporates the actions of the “little pinks” in the past, and also opens up a Weibo account with the intentional saying: “Love small animals, such as bats” and “Don’t climb the wall, grandpa will get angry”. In less than 48 hour after the song has been launched, it’ve got  more than 1.7 million clicks, and has also been ranked number one on YouTube’s music videos.

Interestingly, the glass heart of “little pinks” are really broken like the song lyrics, the Weibo accounts of both Huang Mingzhi and Chen Fang-Yu have both been reported and banned, and a lot of little pinks began to crusade against Kimberley in Weibo. In response to this, Kimberley also fought back, posting a remix of the lyrics to ‘Fragile’ on IG: “I’m sorry for hurting you, it’s okay to delete my Weibo, I hear a voice, it’s a broken heart, it’s okay I still have IG, I still have FB, maybe I shouldn’t be too blunt, super blunt, I’m so sorry, YouTube Trending #1”.

Afterwards, Kimberley also showed a bright smile, thanking fans for their support, “I’m really happy, YouTube video got million clicks in one day, I want to thank everyone, and my good friend Huang Mingzhi and the team.” She then called out to everyone, “Don’t be afraid of being yourself, take care!” She received a lot of praise from her fans, including Huang Mingzhi, who praised “U R queen”, and YouTuber Adi, who also said, “Loving it!”

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