Communist China Continues To Provoke India Along The Line of Actual Control

Oct. 17th, 2021

On Twitter on October 15th, “China releases a humiliating footage of blindfolded Indian troops captured on the disputed border,” reported by Zerohedge.

In the posted footage, it was obviously a directed show that 10 blindfolded Indian wounded soldiers were escorted by 2-3 PLA soldiers slowly walking toward one direction.

Since the “stick-and-rock” fight between the Indian and Chinese soldiers in disputed Himalayan border areas in June 2020, there were 13 rounds of “military commander-level talks along the disputed Line of Actual Control. This military build-up at the Ladakh Galwan Valley has continued.

The footage posted by China is thought to “be considered as a provocative gesture towards India,”  and will further push India into closer security cooperation with the United States, which has stepped up military cooperation with India after the deadly clash in June last year. 

Communist China clearly shows its aggressiveness to become a world dominance.  

Find the footage, please click: [email protected]: China now released HD version of captured Indian soldiers at 2020 Galwan River Valley Clash

More details around this story, please check: China Releases Humiliating Footage Of Blindfolded Indian Troops Captured On Disputed Border

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