GT Online: The CCP Refuse to Waive Medical Fees for the Elder Because Conditions Not Allowed

Written by: Ping

Proofread by : April on Earth

Recently, according to the Chinese Communist Party’s Health Insurance Bureau, in response to the NPC’s proposal to grant a moderate reduction or full exemption of medical expenses for 60-year-olds and the above, the authority claimed that there is currently a lack of sufficient conditions to do that in Communist China.

Let’s take a look at the list of contributions to the medical scheme for farmers in Communist China. It shows that in 2006 the contribution per person was 10 Yuan, by 2012 the contribution per person reached 100 Yuan, in 2016 the contribution per person was 200 Yuan and as of 2021 the contribution per person has reached 320 Yuan. In 15 years, the list of medical contributions for farmers in Communist China has increased 32 times, the population of Communist China is 1.4 billion according to the public data, the proportion of farmers is 41%, which means 574 million farmers in 2021 alone contributed 183.6 billion Yuan for medical funds. With such a huge amount of money, it does not make sense at all that the CCP claiming the conditions are not ready to reduce/exempt the medical expense for the elders!

Ironically, between 2000 and 2015, communist China provided economic aid and loans to 140 countries for a total of US$362 billion. According to the CCP media, foreign aid has amounted to at least RMB 5.45 trillion over 15 years up to 2020. How generous the CCP is towards foreign countries but so mean to the Chinese people!

The people are the foundation of a nation, and the strength of a nation depends on whether its people live and work in peace and contentment. Throughout history, the “rise” of any country has not been associated with a policy of love and care for the people, while the “fall” of any country has not been associated with a tyrannical policy of bullying and humiliating the people.

Nowadays, Communist China is corrupt and oppressive, resulting in many of its people living like slaves. Recently, the murder case in Putian, Fujian, Ou Quanzhong murder absconded. Due to a housing dispute, this person petitioned many times, government officials simply ignored his grievances and finally forced Ou to go to extremes. Does this not show that officials are irresposible for the people, only the people take the responsibility by themselves. Such a government has come to an end.

How many more people will there be now that the Evergrande financial default is imminent, and how many people will be the sacrifice? The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is actively working to unite all conscientious and righteous people all over the world, regardless of nationality or race, to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party and eradicate the evil organizations of the entire world! The NFSC is the only bright light in a world of darkness, people should not be hesitant to stand up and unite together to take down the CCP!

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