Refute Communist China Pseudo-Regime’s Delusional Attempts on Taiwan, Whilst Power Politics Looms Over Taiwan (Part III)

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The third part: Deconstructing the CCP’s so-called “unification of Taiwan” propaganda tactics.

The CCP has always used “unification” and “independence” to confuse the domestic and international society’s recognition of the nature of Taiwan. In fact, Taiwan should not be labeled with false propositions such as “unification” and “independence.” So far, Taiwan actually belongs to the territory of the Republic of China and itself belongs to a part of this sovereign state. The Republic of China was born before the Chinese Communist regime, but she temporarily withdrew from the seat of the United Nations. To define “unification”, Given the Republic of China as the legitimate successor of the Qing Empire and its democratic election system, this will make her relatively more qualified to unify the areas controlled by the CCP. Therefore, all claims of the CCP regime on Taiwan, whether they are based on the geographical attributes, historical attributes, effective occupation, the common beliefs of Taiwanese society, historical treaties, UN General Assembly Resolution 2758, and international consensus, have no basis to support them. The behavior of the CCP is completely bulling.

The CCP has always used the national interests of China and anti-secession formulations to justify its claims to Taiwan and derogatively refer to the national affairs of the Republic of China. As the puppet regime of the Communist International in the mainland, the CCP used violent means to destroy the social structure, indiscriminately kill innocents, buy, provoke, and infiltrate the national government to disintegrate the national government, provoke and collude with Japan in launching a war on the mainland, causing disastrous life.  Since the usurpation of power in 1949, the mass murder of the Han people, the Tibetan people, and the Xinjiang people, while maliciously instigating and creating contradictions among ethnic groups, judging from this series of historical facts, the emergence of the CCP has made the mainland society more torn and impoverished. It also forced people to become its slaves because its direct and indirect deaths amounted to more than 500 million people, making it the cruelest regime in the region’s history.

The “Chinese nation” is often emphasized by the Chinese Communist Party. The emergence of the concept and the essence of the wording are the authoritarian regime based on the “great unification” ideology. The ethnic groups in Tibet and Xinjiang should not agree with the wording of “Chinese nation”. The essence of the term “China” includes “the difference between Hua and Yi”, which has a derogatory meaning compared to other cultural races in non-Han and non-Confucian societies. In fact, the CCP has been Sinicizing the areas under its rule since it came to power, flaunting and building Confucian traditions. Therefore, in its essential thought, there is no positive consciousness of the coexistence of all ethnic groups. There are also examples such as “The reunification of the motherland is the common aspiration of the people of all ethnic groups in the country.” Its original intention is to use “extreme nationalism” to brainwash the whole people and overseas Chinese in order to create a “united front”, which use the potential 1.4 billion cannon fodder as a bargaining chip to threaten Taiwan and the international community.

The CCP often flaunts its anti-separatism propositions, but in fact, the CCP is the biggest splitter and betrayer of “China’s territory since ancient times” that it emphasized. According to the CCP’s “Chinese-attributed territory and historical view,” it should take back all the land managed by the Mongol Empire, as well as the land that it had lost in history, and cede by itself, rather than just targeting Taiwan. Therefore, the CCP regime always doubles down on the pseudo-proposition of “anti-separatism”, bullying the weak, fearing the hard.

To sum up, the Chinese Communist regime is a puppet empire controlled by a dark camp under the cloak of a modern sovereign state. It has different politics (minority policies, one country, two systems) for different regions, ethnicities, and cultures and has nothing to do with historical empires. All the claims and actions are just means to maintain and expand the ruling. Its own essential attributes do not have any similarities with the “concept of Chinese attributes” that has appeared in history. Including the crime of genocide committed, it has no qualifications to represent China’s territory, the Chinese people, and China’s sovereignty.

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