Preventing the CCP’s Maritime Hegemony, the United States, Japan, India, and Australia Launch Joint Military Exercises

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According to a report by the Voice of America on October 12, the United States, Japan, Australia, and India kicked off the second phase of naval exercise Malabar 2021 in the Bay of Bengal on Tuesday. The second phase will consist of surface and air expendable mobile anti-submarine warfare training target exercise (EMATTEX), cross-deck helicopter operations, surface gunnery exercise, and replenishments-at-sea. The intent is to enhance integrated operations between the Quad countries within the Indian Ocean Region.

The Malabar 2021 is regarded as a joint military exercise of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Mechanism, with the purpose of preventing the malicious intrusion of the Chinese Communist Party.

Officials from the Quad stated that the CCP’s increasingly tough behavior in the region has made it necessary for the four nations to join forces to protect themselves and their allies from exploitation, corrosion, and coercion by the CCP.

The CCP has stepped up efforts to intimidate and pressure Taiwan regardless of costs. It has made the situation become increasingly severe in the Taiwan Strait, only the international community can suppress its aggressive ambitions.

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