[October 15th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (2nd)

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I just returned home from the office after a whole day of meetings. I feel exceptionally pleased, the whole day of meetings made me excited. We have gained ground on multiple lawsuits; we have made revolutionary progress on many cases. So, we are launching, waiting, and preparing to “take down the CCP and its gangster accomplices by law” all over the world.

Too many fellow fighters sent me so many messages just now.  I cannot answer all because I do not have time to use my phone this afternoon. Our fellow fighters expressed their gratitude and longings for the future with the extra 40 million Himalaya Coins (HCN). Please don’t mind if I did not reply to your messages.

Would you please consult the heads of the Himalaya Farms or the Himalaya Alliance Committee (HAC) about all payment issues? So many people want to make payments, one million here, two million there, too many, I can’t answer you all.  Please get in touch with your Himalaya Farms, or Brother Chang Dao (Secretary General of HAC) and Lao Ban Zhang (President of HAC) of the Himalaya Alliance Committee.

If you have trouble getting in touch with those people, please contact me. Is that okay, brothers and sisters? There are indeed too many fellow fighters.

One more thing, we absolutely do not accept investments in the G-Series from any new faces who just popped up mysteriously. People without a history of supporting the Whistleblower Movement, who suddenly appear, will not be accepted. And we must strictly scrutinize it.

This last opportunity to buy HCN before it is publicly listed and openly traded is for our dedicated, long-term and faithful fellow fighters. I hope everybody can seize this chance.

Well, I am going to have some… Hey, what is that in the background — Okay, that is the building across the street.

Manhattan is gripped with fear for vaccines now. Many of the participants at today’s conference have been vaccinated. I could feel the upset among them. They were truly scared. Too many of them were scared half out of their mind because of the fear of the vaccine. I am worried that they will not be able to handle it when the actual vaccine disaster comes.

Brothers and sisters, anyone who believes in the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), the one most significant thing you get in return is that you are not vaccinated.

The second thing is that when the world is in crisis, you have hope. You have so many fellow fighters who are like family members, and you probably have never had so many fellows who love and care about you, even more than your biological family members do. This is the second thing.

Finally, you have a future. You may survive safely at this most critical moment. So please cherish it.

I do not know what to say anymore — please cherish the Whistleblower Movement and love our fellow fighters. The more I think of these things, the happier I feel. This is my most profound feeling. If it were not for you guys, Brother-7 would not feel so blessed.

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