[October 15th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Hello, honored fellow fighters, today is October 15th. Brothers and sisters, time goes by so fast. From yesterday till now, I have received a lot of messages from fellow fighters about my announcement to replenish an extra 40 million Himalaya Coins (HCN) for those who have made additional or new investments after March 15th. Many fellow fighters send messages to thank me. 

Brothers and sisters, you don’t need to thank me. Between Brother-7 and fellow fighters, don’t mention it. In this world, it is impossible to achieve equal distribution of wealth, and absolute fairness is never possible — even in heaven. But we must have a fair mind, a transparent policy, and an environment and system that treats others kindly.  I believe this is completely achievable. 

Brothers and sisters, in the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Whistleblower Movement, the most important thing to remember is that, just like what you see Brother-7 has been doing, we must not leave behind any fellow fighters.

After March 15th, there were still fellow fighters who donated money. Think about it, who are these people that made donations? They continue to support the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society no matter what happens. Their action is to support the taking down of CCP. No one can get a penny out of it. And Brother-7 can’t owe anyone because of this. 

In the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement, we should have a system that lets these people who believe in the NFSC, the Whistleblower Movement, and the undertaking take down the CCP get the respect and rewards they deserve. Respect is a kind of reward, and there are some other ways that can also represent this kind of genuine respect and reward. There are many ways, including what we did in this situation, seeking more benefits for fellow fighters to live a better life. It is supposed to be like this, and it is also a way of gratitude. 

Brother-7 really doesn’t have a penny or a share. Under this circumstance, Brother-7 tried my best to aggregate my credit, together with the credits of those funds, our fellow fighters, and many other parties, into a force, even into a wealth creation machine. At this time, Brother-7 must do his best to give more respect to the contributions of many fellow fighters. I should work hard for this, and Brother-7 will always be committed to this goal in the future. 

So, brothers and sisters, what do you think about the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement? You must judge us from the actions we have taken in the past rather than the promises of the future.

The most important thing that the NFSC and the entire G-Series give everybody is hope, at the moment when the world has entered such a dark and dangerous time today. But there is a time limit for hope. It can’t be like the CCP’s dream. We have dreamed the “Chinese dream” for 70 years. Screw the CCP and its ancestors. This is not hope. This is really a deception. This is an illusion.

It can’t be like the “Nine-fingered Demon Sara (VOG)” (Wei Lihong). She promised you God, promised you the truth, and then took your money away. Then she wanted to pray for you and asked you to write a will. 

Just like that “Big-headed Liar Lude” (Wang Ding Gang). He brags about changing mankind at every turn. What did he change in mankind? What kind of changes did you bring to mankind? Who recognized you? You took money from fellow fighters just because you claimed that you had changed humanity? Because you changed mankind, so are you justified to eliminate other fellow fighters and kick Guo Wengui off the boat? 

“Nine-fingered Demon” finds someone who is older than her grandfather to sleep. I heard that she has a swollen face now. Her face is swollen from playing, right? They play perverted games. And you can scold and insult our fellow fighters? No way!

Brothers and sisters, our fellow fighters must see that there is a time limit for hope. Hope is hope, hope is not fantasy, and hope is definitely not a promise that you cannot keep. Just like Himalaya Coin, it must be listed before the end of the month at the latest. You are already using Himalaya Dollars. 

G-TV, you watch and use it every day. G-News, you watch and use every day. GETTR, you watch and use it every day, and it grows every day. You all have seen G-Fashion’s clothes, and there is no other better thing in the world. Not to mention G-Club, not any Tom, Dick and Harry can join as long as one pays money.  What can you do with fifty thousand US dollars, brothers and sisters? What can you do with ten thousand dollars in this era? Think about it, what can you do?

According to the CCP’s internet propaganda in mainland China, the vaccine price abroad is 120,000 RMB a shot — what the hell?! When I read this, I really felt ashamed of them. The CCP advertises that one shot of vaccine costs 120,000 RMB in the West, but the CCP provides free vaccines to the Chinese — the “implication” is that you are getting a big bargain, so come and be vaccinated quickly.

How can you make such a claim? It is the same as “Big-headed Liar Lu De” (Wang Ding Gang), “Snaky Yan” (Yan Limeng), those fake pro-democracy bastards, and “Nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” (Wei Lihong), who share the same disgusting features. Those junky bastards are always the same — they have no common sense. 

This son of a bitch, this evil woman. Why don’t you get vaccinated? Why don’t you ask your family members to get 10 shots? We will pay for the ten shots if you do, and you get it for free, okay?

So, hope should be redeemable, and it is also realistic. Just like G-Club, brothers and sisters, you can imagine what kind of dignity it will bring to you. We are now designing a series of policies that will allow G-Club members to enjoy more convenience worldwide. And it will be integrated with H-Pay and other financial instruments in the future. You will see!

I talked about Himalaya Coins (HCN) yesterday. The price of HCN is just 10 cents per coin. Fellow fighters, do you know how much is one unit of electricity? Even one unit of electricity costs more than 10 cents. Right?

We buy our company’s water for hospitality from the supermarket. It costs six dollars a bottle, and some are 10 or 12 dollars per bottle. For the price of a bottle of water, 10 dollars, you can purchase 100 HCNs. If you buy a bottle of water for ten cents, it is equivalent to spending one HCN. And the average hourly wage is $30 to $40 now. That means if you work as a waiter for one hour, your salary can buy more than 300 HCNs.

The reason we talk about the Himalaya Coin’s price here has nothing to do with money. This price does not even cover the cost of electricity. Then what is it about? It is all about our true heart for our fellow fighters and about our love to you by our actions.

Now the CCP has sent orders internally all over its financial institutions, prohibiting anyone from buying HCNs. Instead, this has made more people in China aware of HCNs now. They are all asking, “What is HCN? How to buy HCN?”  

In addition, the CCP has also banned Chinese people from buying HCNs overseas. Here is the order: Chinese people are not allowed to buy any virtual currency overseas. However, CCP leaders in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) and the family members of the CCP’s Politburo, as well as its ministerial cadres and their families, are exempt from this order. 

Have you got that? That is to say, Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) are not allowed to buy virtual currencies. The CCP gang members can buy whatever virtual currencies they want to buy, and there is no limit to how much they can buy. They can do everything that Lao Bai Xing is not allowed to do.

For example, when ordinary people marry their wives, this is called “to live their lives”. The CCP gang members can have relationships with two women simultaneously, which they call love and romance. But any ordinary people with two wives will be convicted of bigamy. Any normal person with three wives must be designated as a hooligan. However, if the CCP gang members have many wives and many children, they just call it love and romance. Right?

It is exactly the same now — the CCP does not allow anybody else to purchase virtual currencies, but there are no restrictions on themselves, and there is no limit on how much they can buy. Does anyone dare to question that? Who has the nerve?

On the other hand, any institution in the world that implements the CCP’s policy is just as rogue as the CCP. Himalaya Exchange will never enforce this policy. Anybody who wants to purchase virtual currency can go to Himalaya Exchange to buy HCNs. Isn’t it a gift for us from God?

Brothers and sisters, we cannot leave any of our poor brothers or sisters behind, even more so in such situations. In the past 10,000 years of human history, no one ever did what we have achieved. Also, I do not think anyone in the future will match us. Maybe some people are capable of it, but they do not have the will or heart.

Some of the CCP gang members and families already have trillions of dollars in their possession. But Yang Gailan (a poor farmer) could not even survive and had to kill her five children before committing suicide. It was, it is, and it will always be like that.

Only by eliminating the CCP can we have a relatively objective and fair system and a society with relative independence, fairness, and goodness. We can create a kind and fair system at that time.

So, no matter what we do, brothers and sisters, we should be dedicated to one target — eliminating the CCP.  Hundreds of millions of people like Guo Wengui will emerge when the CCP is eliminated. They are all our fellow fighters who are with the Whistleblower Movement. Let us wait and see.

I will have a long live broadcast on Sunday at 9:00 am with our beautiful girls and handsome guys. Thank you.

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