Harvard Beijing Academy to Be Renamed to Taipei Academy and Relocated to Taipei in 2022

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Harvard Crimson News reported on October 14 that “Harvard Beijing Academy”, a summer Chinese learning program co-founded by Harvard University and Beijing Language and Culture University (China). In recent years, the University in Beijing has shown an increasingly unfriendly attitude. Harvard recently decided to operate with National Taiwan University, rename this program to “Taipei Academy” and relocate to Taiwan next year.

Night scene of Taipei city

Since the Independence Day of the United States happens to be during the period of this summer program, normally the students and the teachers hold a small party together where they enjoy a nice meal and sing the American National Anthem. However, starting in 2019, the Beijing campus stated that students can no longer hold a party like this, according to Ms. Lijia Liu, the Director of the Chinese Program at Harvard: “we have been told that our students cannot sing the American National Anthem nor celebrate the July 4th Independence Day.”

The campus of National Taiwan University, the home of Harvard Taipei Academy program.

Liu told the Harvard Crimson News that she suspects that this unfriendly attitude is the result of the Beijing authorities becoming more hostile towards the United States. Mr. Miles Guo revealed on GTV live-cast that there is bound to be a battle between the United States and China. No matter how hard the U.S. and the CCP may try to look cooperative in the current political and economic landscape, they are nothing but superficial appearances. Deep down, the unfriendly sentiment in the societies has been seeping through little by little.  

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*. Harvard Beijing Academy to be renamed and relocated to Taipei
*. Harvard Beijing Academy to be renamed to “Taipei Academy” and relocated to Taipei

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