Miles Guo: Corruption of The Judicial System in Europe and the United States By the Chinese Communist Party

Translated by: Mos Sisyphus(天元)

On October 13, Miles Guo once again talked about the corruption of the Chinese Communist Party’s judicial system in Europe and the United States during his live broadcast.

Prosecutors and judges in the U.S. generally come from law firms. The CCP, through cooperation with U.S. law firms, funnels benefits and then controls the law firms and obtains access to numerous top secret information of the law firms. At the same time, by taking over the law firms, the entire system of prosecutors and judges is infiltrated. The family members of prosecutors and judges generally have practitioners in the judicial system, and the CCP’s control of the entire family has far-reaching implications.

The only employers of all European and American lawyers registered in China are the CCP, or CCP spies, such as Bruno Zheng and Jack Ma. The case of the Pacific Alliance lawsuit against Miles Guo is a typical case of a US law firm collaborating with the CCP. They blatantly created false evidence and ignored the conflict of interest, showing the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and destruction of the U.S. rule of law system to the fullest extent.

The rule of law is the cornerstone of Europe and the United States. Today, the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and destruction of the rule of law in Europe and the United States has penetrated deep into the marrow, and the time has come to scrape the bones and heal the poison, otherwise human civilization will return to the dark ages again.

Proofread by: Xiaoxin
Posted by: Xiaoxin

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1 month ago

General Robert Spalding’s book ‘Stealth War’ and Clive Hamilton’s book ‘Hidden Hand’ are also worth reading to better understand how the CCP has corrupted Western institutions over the years.