Miles Guo Warns that Once Western Economy Collapses, Anti-Chinese Sentiment will be Unstoppable

Translated by MOS Education Group – Maverick

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on October 13 that the greatest upcoming challenge for the Chinese people will be the increase of global anti-Chinese sentiment. The CCP is spreading disasters throughout the world by using viruses and vaccines, resulting in an economic downturn for all countries, high debt, and the risk of collapse at any time. Once the economy collapses, governments around the world will definitely look for a scapegoat, cover up their own corruption, and push all the responsibility towards the ethnic Chinese.

The CCP is like a giant economic scammer, defrauding the pensions from citizens of all countries, and hollowing out all of the banks. The people in these countries might channel their hatred to the ethnic Chinese. In addition, when the West discovers that their scientists are collaborating with the CCP, their lawyers and judges are compromised by bribery, and when they confirmed that the viruses and the vaccine disasters actually originated from the CCP, they will surely hate the ethnic Chinese for all of these. This is the scariest and what triggers the most concern. Chinese people have really reached a most dangerous time. Therefore, the core value of the New Federal State of China is to clarify to the world that the CCP does not equal the Chinese people, the two entities must be separated. Only the New Federal State of China can represent the vital interests and the future of the Chinese people. The CCP, its foreign puppet regimes, and the “Illuminati” China branch representatives, Wang Qi-shan and Jack Ma, who are collaborating with other dark forces in the world, can never ever represent the Chinese people. Their attempts to continue enslaving the Chinese must be stopped. We must not allow the Chinese to become the scapegoat for the CCP and its global dark forces.

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