G Times: With such advanced technology, why are there still poverty and famine?

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Translation: Una

1. Where does your pain come from?

——When you express dissatisfaction with reality and try to find solutions to make the world to be a better place, some people always say that you are too naive, and admonish you in a very worldly tone:

This world is a jungle society, where the fittest survive and the uncomfortable are eliminated.

You should make friends with the “lion” and seek protection from the “elephant”, and you should not dissociate reality and fantasize to change the world.

2. Where does your happiness come from?

——When you are trying to make the world to be a better place, you find that there are still a group of people in this world who think the same as you, and are working towards the same goal as you.

You see courage, selflessness, justice and hope.

Is there anything happier than this in the world?

3. Ordinary people

——We have been always told by the others throughout our lives: you are just an ordinary person, you can’t do anything and can’t  change the overall situation, so just take care of yourself and your family.

What a terrible mindset this is. Human society is composed of hundreds of millions of ordinary people, and more than 99% of the population are ordinary people. It is precisely because these hundreds of millions of ordinary people maintain the operation and survival of the entire human society.

A very small number of powerful people, although hold most of the wealth, have unparalleled fame, status, and power, but do they produce food? Do they make goods? Do they create value? After leaving the ordinary people, how many chances do they have for survival?

The strength of ordinary people lies in the cohesion of unity. This strength is invincible and can scare the powerful.

The above-mentioned mindset is to emphasize the insignificance and humbleness of the individual, so that you can give up hope without effort and be content with the fate of being slaughtered.

4. With such advanced technology, why are there still poverty and famine?

——Adam Smith wrote in The Theory of Moral Sentiments: people who live in ease can better understand the misfortunes of others; only a peaceful and easy life can better inspire human virtues.

The enemy of virtue is evil.

So, in a human society controlled by an evil group, how can it be possible for you to have the possibility to produce and promote virtues?

It is bound to be the enemy of virtue, and through culture, education and media, you will be trapped in a materialistic world;

It is bound to reverse black and white, confuse right and wrong, make you lose your spiritual pursuit, and fall into selfishness, narrow-mindedness, greed and short-sightedness;

It is bound to laugh at justice and bravery, while promote selfishness and cowardice;

It is bound to make you suffer from disease, ravaged by war, social turmoil, and dying to struggle in poverty, hunger and fear…

In this way, they can destroy virtue.

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