Taiwan’s Death Toll from COVID Vaccination Exceeds That from the Virus

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team – Gloria

During the early stage of the outbreak of the COVID-19, Taiwan was widely praised for its effective management of the plaguing disease and its support to the world’s PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies.  Despite the successful control of the pandemic, the Taiwanese government did not exercise prudence when it comes to dealing with the CCP, and it has accepted or even welcomed the “political vaccines” (COVID vaccines) sourced from its political adversary. 

In this photo released by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, workers unload a shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines from an aircraft at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan Sept. 2,2021. (Taiwan Centers for Disease Control via AP)

Taiwan’s government publicly promoted its anti-pandemic measures by collaborating with Shanghai Fuxing Medicine Group, a major drug maker under the CCP regime. Also, it campaigned hard to push the COVID vaccines to its people, as well as welcomed the vaccines donated from various countries including Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic Among the donations were the brands of Oxford AstraZeneca, Modena and Pfizer. It is reported that those could be surpluses from these countries.  

Since March 22, 2021, Taiwan has kicked off the first wave of its vaccination campaign. As of October 11, 13.7 million people, more than 60% of the island’s population, had received at least one dose, of which 4.48 million had been fully vaccinated.

Before the vaccination push, fewer than 12 people died from COVID-19; but since the start of the vaccination, according to the official data, the death toll soared to 846.  In a report regarding the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, the National Central Epidemic Command Center stated that 850 deaths were reported as a result of adverse reactions from the vaccination.  This number exceeds the number of deaths caused by the virus itself.

Taipei, Taiwan in a bird’s-eye view

The upward trend of the death toll post-vaccination-push has proven that the COVID vaccines are not effective. And the sheer number of vaccine injuries including severe life-function-debilitating illness and deaths are horrific. On top of it, more and more brave whistleblowers have stepped up and revealed that the drug companies or health regulatory organizations’ damning secrets and that the vaccines could be injuries-inducing.

Sadly, those in power, either politicians or the so-called industry leaders, all have turned a blind eye to this, trying their best to cover up, and relentlessly keeping pushing the vaccine mandates through coercion. These people have committed the crimes against humanity, and will eventually face the Judgment Day.

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*. Deaths following vaccination reported in Taiwan exceed nation’s COVID death total
*. Deaths following vaccination exceed Taiwan’s COVID death total

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