Israel’s Ministry of Health Was Exposed for Deleting Posts Overnight

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A series of videos reposted by netizen Xu Mie Gong on Gettr on October 12 exposed the Israeli Ministry of Health’s malfeasance in vaccinating against the CCP virus, including the concealment of adverse reactions and the overnight removal of related Facebook posts.

According to the video, the Israeli Ministry of Health posted on Facebook at 8 a.m. on Sept. 30 to collect reports of side effects from the Pfizer vaccine. The Health Ministry claimed the vaccine was very safe, with a total of 3 million people having received 2 doses of the vaccine as of that day, and only 19 cases of serious side effects, admittedly causing myocarditis, among other things, but stressing that they were very rare.

In fact, the Israeli authorities have never provided online or telephone counseling services since the vaccination. A Facebook site for collecting adverse reactions to vaccines was not launched until recently and was not reported in the media, so most Israelis are not aware of it.

But as word spread, as many as 25,000 comments and reports were posted on the site a few days later, mostly about adverse reactions to vaccinations received by themselves or their relatives.

The video describes that all three vaccinations administered in Israel produced adverse reactions and involved the first vaccination. And Israel is the only country in the world that requires three doses for citizens over the age of 12, when other countries did not recommend or authorize booster shots for healthy young people.

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Incredibly, Israel’s announcement to cancel the “green passport” issued for the first two doses of the vaccine and threaten people with a third booster has had a serious impact on Israelis’ access to work and entertainment. In fact, the Israeli Ministry of Health has admitted that the vaccinations have not been effective in preventing the virus.

Even more shocking is that when the Israeli Ministry of Health discovered the mountain of negative comments, it chose to immediately delete the posts overnight. Out of 25,000 posts, more than 5,000 comments were deleted. The video says, “Fortunately, many people realized that this could happen and kept screenshots before the government deleted the posts.”

The video reveals that many of those reported had medical conditions that had never been seen before, and that some of those with pre-existing underlying conditions had worsened after vaccination. It was also revealed that health care providers informed them that people who received other vaccinations had developed similar symptoms afterwards.

The video questions, “Why are officials who are fed by citizens’ taxes and wield public power misleading the public, hiding the facts and blocking voices on the matter of vaccination against the CCP virus? Are Israeli health officials more loyal to Pfizer than to their own citizens?”

The video sarcastically states that Israel, which often touts itself as the only democracy in the Middle East, has now become the world’s most speech-controlled empire. For all those concerned, Israel has become the site of human clinical experiments conducted by the CEO of Pfizer and Fauci, while its own citizens know nothing.

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