Broadcast|The Public Exposed the “Oil Shortage” Incident, meanwhile, British Government Implemented Vaccination Certificate Plan B

By: MOS Fitness Team – Wenqiu

Since more than two weeks ago, the supply of a large range of gas stations in and around London, England has been limited or stopped, which has greatly affected people’s daily travels and work. In order to refuel, local residents must endure the long queue time, sales restriction, getting up early, and gathering information about the routes of oil tankers.

Through the dialogues with service station staff, supermarket employees, and nearby small business owners, reporters learned that the main reason for regional refueling difficulties is the result of the joint “interpretation” of the government and fuel companies.

U.K. fuel prices hit their highest point in eight years before the tourism peak in July. Over two weeks ago, on the eve of the anti-vaccine passport parade in London, the media platform focused on publishing articles about fuel shortage, which triggered people’s panic buying. The fuel companies made use of the momentum and cleared out its dead stock; the government, on the other hand, indirectly achieved the purpose of traffic restriction.

Outside London, there is no supply problem at all. Fleets of chain merchants and large companies are guaranteed to refuel. Individual businesses that rush about on the road, however, have been hit hardest. This “oil shortage” makes it difficult for them to make a living.

As to the recruitment advertising for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers with an annual salary of 70,000 pounds, some tanker drivers said the offer was indeed attractive. But employers would only pay about 15 to 20 pounds per hour on average, or even lower.

The work is extremely hard and the job payment was completely out of proportion compared to the escalating prices. Some HDV drivers expressed that they had participated in the relevant training of tank truck driving, but they were unable to get jobs.

At the same time, British people found out that, instead of taking the measure of voting, the British government is now launching a “public consultation” in an attempt to bypass the Parliament and implement vaccine passports policy.

From October, the British government replaced the use of vaccine passports with the NHS COVID Pass letter, in conjunction with the upcoming Autumn and Winter plan 2021 (Plan B)”.  At present, places such as nightclubs, concerts, outdoor festivals, and sports events are required to show vaccination certificates. 

The proposal of plan B will greatly expand the restricted places. When the British government deployed the military to transport fuel oil, it was actually arranging troops on the main roads and centers of towns. People began to worry that Britain was turning into a military police state, just as how it happened in Australia.

Article: The Public Exposed the “Oil Shortage” Incident, meanwhile, British Government Implemented Vaccination Certificate Plan B

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