CCP wants to Vaccinate Girls Aged 9-14 Against Cervical Cancer

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10/14/2021 Mr. Miles Guo’s GETTR: While people all over the world were suffering from CCP virus and toxic vaccine, Jinan City Shandong Province, took the lead in launching the plan to vaccinate young girls against HPV cervical cancer. The plan is expected to be officially implemented in November.

The HPV vaccine is used to prevent cervical cancer caused by virus infection and was approved to be listed in the United States in 2014. On April 28, 2018, the HPV vaccine was listed in China, and its vaccination age range should be women aged 16 to 26. After Ordos and Xiamen, the CCP once again took 15 cities such as Jinan as pilot cities to give HPV vaccine to young girls aged 9 to 14. However, women aged 35-64 with a high incidence of cervical cancer were only “screened”.

In China, the people’s welfare is very limited and it is a key time point in the world’s “vaccine war”. This CCP’s abnormal move shows that there is a conspiracy. At present, Guangdong Province is also promoting the vaccination of HPV vaccine for school-age young women, and said that “strive to become the first province to be fully vaccinated with HPV vaccine”.

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