European companies received SMS midnight and were told that Chinese factories need to stop production due to energy crisis

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China’s new round of power cuts has affected many provinces, and many factories have been restricted from production or even closed. (NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)

An European business organization called on Beijing to improve its handling of the energy crisis. The chamber of commerce said that some companies complained that they received a text message in the middle of the night telling them the Chinese would stop production the next day.

Bloomberg reported on October 13, representatives of the European Union Chamber of Commerce stated in a video conference that companies sometimes only get notice one hour in advance to reschedule shifts in factories with 1,000 employees.

The head of the organization, Joerg Wuttke, said: “We need to better communicate with the (CCP) government to help our companies deal with the (energy crisis). We don’t ask for privileges. We only ask for clear information.”

The European Chamber of Commerce asked the Beijing authorities to modify the way they decide which companies must reduce or suspend production, calling for “scientific and transparent methods” and better communication for decision-making.

These complaints highlight the troubles facing foreign companies in China. Beginning in early September, the CCP’s “dual energy consumption control” has suddenly been upgraded. Enterprises in many provinces and regions have successively received notices of mandatory power curtailment, production restriction, and production suspension. Wait, it may even continue until the end of the year.

The European Chamber of Commerce began to express concerns about the power situation in China in May this year. At that time, Klaus Zenkel, chairman of the board of directors of the South China Branch, said that about 100 of the 250 members of the Chamber of Commerce were affected by the power shortage.

The Chamber of Commerce did not disclose how many of its members in China were affected. Joerg Wuttke said it has maintained close communication with the   CCP’s Ministry of Commerce.

He said that the shortage is expected to last “at least” until March next year, and he asked the CCP government to do more before then so that the company can make plans.

“Predictability will make a huge difference for us.” Joerg Wuttke said.

The Nikkei Asian Review reported on October 8 that some mainland suppliers said that, to make matters worse, who will get electricity allocation is lack of clarity.

“This is very messy. Some suppliers managed to ensure power supply through friendly relations and negotiations with the local government, while others were severely affected.” An Apple supplier executive told Nikkei.

Because supply chain transfer in China is a sensitive topic, an iPhone supplier executive who asked not to be named told Nikkei, “This is not just a power issue.”

“From the blow to Jack Ma to the game and education industry… these all shows that uncertainty is increasing. For companies operating in China, people are very scared.” the person said.

Commentary: The  iPhone supplier executive is right that “because supply chain transfer in China is a sensitive topic, this is not just a power issue”. “Made in China” may have to be the past tense due to so many critical reasons besides current energy crisis. “Made in China” CCP version lasting for 3 decades is indeed the sad experience not only for 1.4 billion Chinese enslaved labour, also the stripping off prosperity of the America and the West.

  • Made in China means cheap, much more cheaper sometimes as well as bad quality, or very very bad quality in many occasions. Have any of people of the world asked why the price can be so cheap for the products made in China? People take it for granted that the labour in China is cheap.

That exactly was true because Chinese people have been enslaved by the CCP regime. We’ve heard enough what CCP has done in Xinjiang lately. Not only ethnic minority, such as Uighurs and Tibetan have been enslaved by the CCP, the entire Chinese are working in the condition worse than slave and are badly paid without any social security. Even highly paid engineers working for Huawei, they have to work 996(9 am-9pm for 6 days a week), or they can be sacked without any redundancy pay. In another word, they will not last for a few days without a job.

and that’s exactly how the CCP kleptocracies have cumulated the huge wealth. in turn they used that vast wealth to BGY the world, to buy off the world. 

Let alone the cheap natural resources because the CCP’s mode of economy is at the cost of devastating the ground, the water, the air and underground resources for next a few generations of the Chinese people.

How is “made in China” also stripping off prosperity of the America and the West? The so- called outsourcing the industries from America and the West didn’t make win-win for both CCP and the west, but the double wins of the CCP. CCP has took cheap labour Chinese and huge Chinese market as ransom to kidnap the West to give up their core value of freedom. Look how much the world is dependent on the dictatorship regime for everything, including our medical fields to deal with the pandemic?

So this is the alarm for the world to make the thorough solution: Appeasement to a communist evil regime has proved catastrophe failure. We need to act to take down the CCP and the evil force who have drove the world to the edge of the hell.

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1 month ago

I hope the world is paying attention. This is the nightmare future we all will face if the CCP achieves their goal of world domination. 希望世界关注。 如果中共实现统治世界的目标,这就是我们共同面临的噩梦。