Broadcast|Soros continues to sell off stocks and buy in cryptocurrencies

By: MOS Translation Team – wenwuyue

Global stock markets remained downbeat. Although it slightly rebounded yesterday, the Facebook incident dragged tech sectors down again today.

The mood seemed even more pessimistic at Tuesday’s Bloomberg Investments Global Virtual Conference. Bruce Flatt, CEO of Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management, which manages $626 billion, said it’s a good time to liquidate assets, and that they have liquidated a lot and will continue to do so this year.

Article:Soros continues to sell off stocks and buy in cryptocurrencies

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7 months ago

This says more about the low value of stocks than the high value of cryptocurrencies. Encryption can be cracked. The flow of cryptocurrency is widely believed to be “anonymous”. What if I told you cryptocurrency transactions can be traced? 这更多地说明了股票的低价值,而不是加密货币的高价值。加密可以破解。加密货币的流动被广泛认为是”匿名的”。如果我告诉你加密货币交易可以追踪怎么办?