New Zealand: Over 6000 Gather At Second Auckland Lockdown Protest

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Photo: The Freedom & Rights Coalition

Crowds of New Zealanders gathered at a second anti-lockdown picnic at the Auckland Domain today. According to The Freedom & Rights Coalition, the event organiser, over 6000 protestors gathered, while mainstream media reported the number was around 2000.

Numerous police officers observed the rally.

“Police will be monitoring the situation on the day and responding accordingly. . .Police recognise and respect people’s lawful right to protest – however will continue to encourage people to adhere to the alert level restrictions,” said New Zealand Police in a statement.

“Those who deliberately breach alert level restrictions can expect that police will move to enforcement. . .Police do have the ability to take enforcement action for those found to be breaching the restrictions currently in place, and those responsible for organising such protests may be prosecuted.”

A light aircraft flew above the Auckland Domain, reading “Love NZ – Get Your Jab Bro”.

Shanan Gray, the Auckland City District Commander superintendent, said the mass picnic breached alert level 3 restrictions. Under alert level 3, the Ardern government limits gatherings to weddings, funerals and tangihanga with under ten people.

“While those in attendance generally conducted themselves in a calm manner and adhered to rules around mask-wearing and distancing between smaller separate bubbles, the gathering was by its very nature a significant breach of Covid-19 alert level 3 requirements,” said Mr Gray.

“No arrests were made today. However, police confirm that they will be taking prosecution action against a number of individual organisers in the coming days. Police will provide updates when available.”

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki spoke at midday during the rally and revealed he was arrested last week over the Auckland Domain mass freedom picnic on October 2, which he helped organise.

Mr Tamaki said he is ashamed of the New Zealand government for holding New Zealand citizens hostage in their own homes.

Huge crowds also gathered at Whangarei’s Kensington Park for another freedom rally.

Today, the Ardern government also held its “Vaxathon”, a nationwide mass vaccination event with a goal of 100,000 vaccinations in one day. The campaign was live-streamed from 12 pm to 8 pm and involved various incentives from free food to music festivals.

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