[October 14th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is October 14th. It’s already noon when I recorded this GETTR video today. I am a bit late because I have been in meetings since this morning until now. I just finished a meeting with the Himalaya Alliance Committee.

I was busy working on one thing for the past few days. After March 11th or maybe March 15th, our fellow fighters who made investments in G-series after that date were not eligible for the Himalaya Coin (HCN) quota, whether they are the original investors who increased investments, or the recently joined investors who made new investments.

Many of these fellow fighters had to overcome so many difficulties to transfer money out of CCP China. It made me feel uncomfortable. Some of our fellow fighters have already had HCNs. When HCN begins its open trade in a few days, these fellow fighters can enjoy a good life of delicious food and fine drink, right? But for those who do not have HCNs due to various obstructions caused by the CCP, how bad will they feel? That makes me feel terrible, aweful.

Some fellow fighters have invested all their money in G-Series. I do not think it is fair if they are left behind when everybody else lives high on the hog. So, in the end, I have sought 40 million HCNs from our family funds and institutional investors. These 40 million HCNs will be given to those who have invested in the G-series but without the HCN quota. 

The ratio may differ from the previous one — previously, for every $1 investment you get 0.5 HCN quota, this time it’s probably 0.2 HCN for each $1 investment. We don’t have much time now because Himalaya Coin will be listed and openly traded very soon. Surely, it will be this month, even if it has to be the last one or two days at the end of this month. 

I believe no other organization or any individual can provide you extra HCNs at this moment, let alone at such low price. This is the Whistleblower Movement, and this is the New Federal State of China (NFSC). No one else can do it like us!

Do you know what it means? The price for a HCN — ten cents, does not even cover the cost of the electricity. You haven’t purchased firewood here. Even the firewood costs hundreds of dollars a bundle — over $20 for a small bundle and $240 for a large bundle. 

Can you imagine that? So the price of HCN, that’s nothing.  I believe Himalaya Coin will be the most important thing for the lifetime of our fellow fighters, and it has a profound meaning. So I cannot leave anyone behind.

I just finished a meeting with the Himalaya Alliance Committee and all the heads of Himalaya Farms. After that, I will have another meeting. I feel great now because I know we made it fair for all our fellow fighters. We cannot let any decent people suffer a loss. There are many good people.

Think about it. So many kind fellow fighters continue to support us and invest in us after those harmful incidents, including the “Big-headed Liar Lu De & Snaky Yan” incident and the “Nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” incident. It is a vote of trust in the G-Series.

Although I am not a shareholder, I have influence. I used my power to persuade them. Those institutional investors agreed to take out a portion of their HCNs. We also took out a part of the 60 million HCNs that were previously reserved for fellow fighters in China. These HCNs will be distributed to brothers and sisters who invested after March. 

The total amount of HCNs previously set aside for fellow fighters in China will not be affected because this part of HCNs won’t be distributed at the end of this year or within a year from now. So, we can make it up for our domestic fellow fighters from the HCNs that will be issued additionally next year.

At that time, the price to buy HCNs, i.e. our costs will be many times higher than it is now. It will have to be like that. It is equal to saying that we are indirectly giving money to fellow fighters as a gift.  A gift to the current group of fellow fighters. We will mobilize 30 million HCNs that were originally prepared for our fellow fighters in China and distribute this portion to those who have made investments (between March and October). 

When we buy back those 30 million HCNs next year, the cost will be determined by the market price then. The HCN price could be doubled, 10 times, or 100 times next year. Who knows?

But I believe everybody can understand — only the Whistleblower Movement and our NFSC Chinese can accomplish such a task. We shall not allow kind people to suffer from being mistreated, and we shall sincerely consider for the good of others and our fellow fighters — that is what we, the NFSC, can do, and no one else can match us.

When we are done with this rearrangement today, everybody must have been aware of our goal clearly after the meeting. I have repeated it three times, and I hope you have understood it completely. The Himalaya Alliance Committee (HAC), Lao Ban Zhang (Chairman of HAC), Brother Chang Dao (Secretary-General of HAC), and the Iron Blood Group will give you more details in their live broadcasts.

This is one piece of new information I want to share with you for today.

Also, I bet you have noticed the issues of CCP’s threat to attack Taiwan and the vaccine  disasters such as intestinal obstruction, cardiac arrest, stroke, and the problems that the airline industry, train & airplane transportation faced.

The Whistleblower Movement was the first to tell the truth and now the global anti-vaccine campaigns have erupted. No matter how many people are against the vaccine now, half the world’s population have been vaccinated.

Think about it — how valuable are the sperms and eggs of those who are not vaccinated? From the womb to space, now we are talking about the safety of human beings, the future of humanity and how we survive. Have you realized how much vaccines changed the existence of mankind? Had the world had common sense and watched Brother-7’s videos like you, they would not have gotten the vaccine which they did not even know what it was.

Many people have stayed away from social activities for the past one year or two and are not engaged in any business outside. Why did you get vaccinated? Those farmers who farm every day in the field, why did you get vaccinated? Isn’t that killing yourself? Those single mothers and single fathers, if something unfortunate happens to you, what about your children? Think long and hard, please.

The world is so crazy! That is the magic of the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC. We have saved so many lives since we started the strategy of “taking down the CCP with the truth of the vaccines” only a few months ago. Along with it, we advanced the second strategy “taking down the CCP with the cure” simultaneously. How many people have been saved because of our revelation of the antidotes to the virus and vaccines?

Have we let the world know that our Chinese people are different from the bad images of Chinese that the CCP propaganda intentionally presented in the past? “The CCP cannot represent the Chinese people; the Chinese people refuse to be represented by the CCP” — how significant is that?

How many people have been saved by the antidotes that we disclosed — ivermectin, dexamethasone, artemisinin? They were saved because we told the world the facts about the vaccine disaster.

Our fellow fighters have been working so hard to spread the truth as widely as possible. Many have been working at full capacity for the past 1 to 2 years, even 3 to 4 years — every day. Their eyesight has deteriorated. They have experienced one setback after another. Some of them even sold their assets. But they all chose to believe in the Whistleblower Movement.

There are no words to describe this feeling. None of us can live more than 36,000 days on earth. But this feeling, this trust, is not something that just anyone can have. Brother-7 cherishes it, and we fellow fighters should cherish each other even more.

I also hope that all the heads of Himalaya Farms can sincerely serve fellow fighters, and not let any fellow fighter miss the opportunities again and again, especially the only chance they may have in their lives.

If it were not for so many fellow fighters propelling the strategies of “taking down the CCP with the truth about the vaccines and the antidote”, we would not have achieved the good results that we see now.

Can you imagine how powerful we are, in Europe, Japan, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia? The power of the Whistleblower Movement and our voice of justice are everywhere. We are saving innocent people every minute of every day.

I have a lot of friends in the US airline industry. “Miles, you saved our whole family,” said some of the private jet partners whom I cooperated with before.

You should ask these simple questions. Right? 

How can you develop a vaccine when you don’t even know the origin of the coronavirus yet? 

Why should I be responsible for the consequences of the vaccines myself? Are you (the vaccine companies, government officials, etc) liable for the death and injuries due to the vaccine?  

Why should vaccination be mandatory?

Cancer and AIDS have existed for so many years. Have you developed a vaccine for that yet? How come you can develop a vaccine for the coronavirus  so suddenly? Right? 

Why ask children to get the vaccines? Why ask people who stay at home, or farmers who seldom get involved in social activities, those living in the mountains, to get the vaccines? 

It is pretty evil.

Brothers and sisters, that is the information I would like to share with you today. There is so much exciting information. Please pay attention to my live broadcast. I guarantee that you will be moved to tears. I can tell everybody here that no one else can do what we have just done — only the NFSC, only us. Thank you.

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