Cherish Every Moment in the Whistleblower Movement!

Miles just finished several meetings, and he is pleased with the outcomes. The Whistleblower Movement (WM) has made revolutionary progress in various lawsuits. 

  • We are about to begin the era of exterminating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by the rule of law

Miles apologizes for not being able to respond to all of the text messages from WM fellow warriors.

  • For all investment matters, please get in touch with Himalayan Affiliates or any Himalayan farm for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact with Miles if there is no response.

The last chance to get Himalayan Coins before it goes public this month is only available to true WM warriors. 

  • Mile reminds everyone that his opportunity is not for those we don’t really know the background and history of.

At today’s meetings, Miles has noticed that vaccinated attendees are now really starting to feel fear. If the real disaster comes, more than half of the world’s population could be scared to death.

We must cherish every WM warrior. The big returns for our warriors are that:

  • WM keeps everyone from getting vaccinated.
  • Our WM warriors get more love than even from their own families.
  • WM gives everyone hope and security during such a difficult time.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 month ago

After infecting a country for ~70 years (like the Soviet Union and now Communist China), both Communism and socialism (“diet soft drink” communism) inevitably fail. This is because a generation, and their parents, and their grandparents, grow up knowing nothing but propaganda and lies. Eventually those at the top believe their own lies, and eventually everyone else does not. They try to “sleep with one eye open”, but even a tyrant must blink. CCP had to reveal their sinister nature too soon. now the world knows. Their understanding of history is myopic. 在感染一个国家大约 70 年后(如苏联和现在的共产主义中国),共产主义和社会主义(“饮食软饮料”共产主义)都不可避免地失败了。 这是因为一代人,以及他们的父母和祖父母,长大后除了宣传和谎言一无所知。 最终,那些处于最高层的人相信自己的谎言,而最终其他所有人都不相信。 他们试图“睁一只眼睡觉”,但即使是暴君也必须眨眼。 中共不得不过早地揭露他们的险恶本性。 现在全世界都知道了。… Read more »