U.S. Lawmakers Call for Blacklisting of Huawei’s Former Subsidiary HONOR

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Republican senators, led by Sen. Marco Rubio, called on the Biden administration on Thursday to blacklist “HONOR”, a spin-off of the CCP telecom Huawei, the Epoch Times reported Oct. 15.

Senators Rubio, along with John Cornyn and Rick Scott, said in an Oct. 14 letter that Huawei sold its low-end smartphone brand HONOR in November 2020 through a spinoff, causing Beijing to effectively avoid key U.S. export controls, Reuters reported. Beijing effectively avoided key U.S. export controls. Honor is essentially a “weapon” for the CCP government.

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If the U.S. Department of Commerce does not respond, the letter says, it will set a dangerous precedent and amount to a disguised support for the blatant financial operations of authoritarian regimes.

In addition, a group of 14 Republican members of Congress, led by Michael McCaul, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, also called on the U.S. Department of Commerce to blacklist HONOR in August, saying Huawei had split up and spun off the company in order to evade U.S. export controls and to give Huawei access to blocked semiconductor chips and software.

Previously in 2019, Communist China Huawei was placed on a trade blacklist by the Trump administration because the company posed a threat to U.S. national security.

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