Pfizer Patent Approved: Using Electronic Device and Graphene Tracks all Vaccinators

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According to Wideawakeinswitzerland’s twitter recently, Pfizer Patent application was approved on August 31 for remote contact tracing of all inoculated who will be or are now connected to the internet of Things” by quantum link with 2.4gHz via cell towers and the graphene oxide that’s now in their bodies.

The Patent application by Pfizer was submitted on November 30, 2020. The Patent number is 1110758.  The subject is “Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and /or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals”. In the summary of the invention, the electronic device is described in Article 23 of the Claims:

  • An electronic device associated with each person;
  • The device has “proximity tracking circuitry”, and when the device detects another nearby device information is exchanged between the devices;
  • This is called a “proximity event”, in which both devices compute a proximity score, meaning how close did the two devices get to one another;
  • The proximity event will also gather data from multiple nearby devices, computing proximity scores between all devices;
  • Detection of whether the proximity event occurred outdoors, or other well ventilated location, or whether it happened in a non ventilated indoor space;
  • It might require a GPS receiver;
  • When the devices are able to, they connect over the internet to a server to upload any collected data.

In the summary of the invention, it is also mentioned:

According to some embodiments of the invention, said electronic positioning data is collected using one or more electronic devices.

According to some embodiments of the invention, one or more electronic devices are one or more of a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch and a dedicated electronic device.

In some embodiments, actual geolocation data of each individual is monitored using one or more of:

1. Electronic devices, for example the location provided by the GPS of their own cell phones;

2. Using face recognition technology based on one or more of:

 a) video surveillance data received from available sources, for example street cameras, ATM’s, private surveillance cameras in stores, buildings and houses, etc.; 

 b) social media.

3. Digital activity, for example credit card usage, IP address used while using a computer or an electronic device, antennas that receive data while performing a phone call.

After reading Pfizer’s patent application, I can’t help but feel terrified. According to the latest statistics on October 15, 47.3% of the world’s population have at least one dose of CCP virus vaccine. The devices implanted in their bodies will follow them throughout their lives.  Imagine that in this vaccine crisis, large pharmaceutical companies only played the role of thugs. All they did was to obtain extremely high returns, and the other was to provide the rulers with technological tools to control the public. I hope these government patent documents can wake up the people who are still sleeping and fight for the basic rights of people.


  1. Wide Awake in Switzerland on Twitter
  2. Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals

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