The United States Has Sold Out Taiwan and Taiwan Is in Danger

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On Oct. 14, White House spokesman Psaki said that the U.S. commitment to Taiwan is “rock solid”. In fact, the United States has made a collusion agreement with the Chinese Communist Party to sell out Taiwan. Observers say that now the U.S. still claims to support Taiwan externally, but it is just playing games and moving its lips.

As tensions escalated in the Taiwan Strait on the 14th, Psaki said, “We will continue to support Taiwan’s self-defense,” according to Reuters. And said the U.S. commitment to Taiwan is “rock solid”.

However, Mr. Guo broke the news on air that during Sullivan’s meeting with Yang Jiechi, Biden had signed a pro-communist pledge in writing, betraying the 23 million people of Taiwan. Mr. Guo went on to reveal that President Biden also had the U.S. representative carry a four-point written pledge as a guarantee.

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The first point is that the U.S. side promises not to change the CCP system and to re-link the economy. Full resumption of economic exchanges and continued purchase of U.S. Treasuries to help the U.S. economy recover.

The second point is that during Biden’s presidency, the U.S. and China have guaranteed smooth military exchanges and promised that the U.S. will not take any military action in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

The third point is to absolutely adhere to the one-China policy and oppose Taiwan’s independence. Mr. Guo analysis pointed out: this is the most fundamental point of selling Taiwan, in the past when the U.S. side stressed this point, it meant that neither side across the Taiwan Strait can change the status quo, only peaceful reunification; but now it is firmly opposed to Taiwan’s independence, which means recognizing the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party, which is equivalent to giving the CCP the legitimacy to take Taiwan.

Fourth, the U.S. opposes the use of force against Taiwan “without the consent of the United States. According to Mr. Guo’s analysis, the implication of this article is that the Chinese Communist Party can use force, but it must notify the United States in advance.

Mr. Guo’s disclosure was confirmed last week in the major official media of the CCP (People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency), which reported that Sullivan, in a meeting with Yang Jiechi in Switzerland, expressed his adherence to the “one-China policy”.

Observers say that while the U.S. claims to fully support Taiwan on the surface, it is privately colluding with the Chinese Communist Party to sell out Taiwan, and its words and actions are completely contrary to each other.

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