Matthew Pottinger: More and more evidence of the virus leaked from CCP Wuhan lab

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Profile photo of former U.S. deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

An important adviser to former US President Trump said that even if the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)continues to obstruct the investigation of the origin of COVID-19, with the efforts of some scientists, investigative groups, and anonymous whistleblowers, evidence of laboratory leaks is accumulating rapidly.

According to the “Washington Observer” report, Matthew Pottinger, former deputy national security adviser of the United States and distinguished visiting scholar of the Hoover Institution, made the above remarks at the 2021 Global Security Forum symposium.

He pointed out that more and more evidences of COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan laboratories, but most of the key clues were discovered by ordinary citizens and Internet detectives, rather than the intelligence community.

He said that it is still impossible to rule out the theory of natural origin, but based on the evidence, laboratory leaks have become more likely.

“I looked at the list of indirect evidence from both parties,” Matthew said, “What I want to say is that the amount of evidence leaked accidentally far exceeds that of natural origin.”

He further stated that although the CCP authorities have been working hard to prevent international investigators from identifying the origin of COVID-19. However, Beijing clearly cannot prevent global investigations that are trying to unearth evidence.

He said: “What emerged from public space, from determined scientists and other people who are investigating the matter, is like private detectives…indirect evidence must be accumulating rapidly, indicating that this was an accidental leak.”

P4 lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology(WIV). (HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Earlier, DRASTIC, a global private virus traceability organization, obtained a report from the Ecological Health Alliance for research funding from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) from a number of anonymous whistleblowers.

The document showed that Peter Daszak, chairman of the Eco-Health Alliance, sought a contract with the Pentagon in 2018, which involved a dangerous “functional gain study.”

The Eco-Health Alliance proposed a US$14.2 million proposal, hoping to try to artificially insert “human-specific cleavage sites” into coronaviruses to improve their ability to infect human cells. (learn more了解更多

Dasak is a long-term collaborator of the WIV. However, he is also one of the investigating members of the WHO in Wuhan after the COVID-19 outbreak. He sneered at the possibility that COVID-19 was a product of “enhancement research” and argued that the laboratory leak was a “conspiracy theory.”

After the investigation was over, when the media disclosed that the CCP authorities were unwilling to cooperate with the investigation and did not provide key evidence, Daszak posted on Twitter: “This is not my experience in the WHO investigation team.” He said that his colleagues have seen trust and honesty in China, and have also obtained key new data.

At the Global Security Forum, Matthew said: “I highly suspect that the intelligence community did not know that the WIV had submitted a funding proposal to create a virus that is very similar to the virus that infects the world (COVID-19).”

According to media reports such as Le Monde, in the past 15 years, Daszak has also published more than 20 papers in cooperation with the WIV.

In June of this year, the “The Lancert” COVID-19  chairman of the committee  also decided to remove Daszak from the group because it seems to be too close to the Armed Forces Institute. (learn more了解更多

Pottinger: It is difficult for WHO to find out the truth about the virus

The WHO nominated 26 experts on Wednesday (October 13) to form the “Scientific Advisory Group for Origins of Covid-19” (SAGO). The WHO said the team may be the last chance to determine the origin of the virus and urged Beijing to cooperate.

Pottinger  believes that UN agencies may not be able to perform this task.

Pottinger said: “We must be honest with ourselves. Global agencies, UN agencies, including  WHO, play an important role, but we often entrust them some responsibilities and powers that they don’t have.”

“They are not sovereign governments,” he further explained, “They are institutions with interests in every country in the world, including China.”

Regarding the WHO’s reorganization of the investigation team, Chen Xu, the CCP ambassador to the United Nations Geneva Office, said at a press conference that the conclusions of the previous joint study were “very clear” and urged the investigation team to investigate in other countries.

Prior to this, the CCP had refused the international community to conduct further investigations on several occasions.

Commentary: “Daszak is a long-term collaborator of the WIV. However, he is also one of the investigating members of the WHO in Wuhan after the COVID-19 outbreak.” It’s like a murderer is assigned to investigate the murder. No wonder we could have official condemn of the CCP, who Dasak funded and collaborated to create and release the vary virus.

Let’s think with common sense why such hilarious investigation has happened!

Let’s think furthermore with the basic common sense: without identify the origin of the virus, how on earth have the so-called vaccines been developed?

Let’s just use our common sense to think, why they could lie together with mainstream media without being caught under day light?

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