Harvard decided to shift Chinese courses from Beijing to Taiwan

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Due to Communist China’s unfriendly attitude, starting from 2022, the Harvard Summer Chinese Intensive Course will be co-operated with Taiwan University, and the course name will be changed to “Harvard Taipei College”. The picture shows the National Taiwan University Library. (Chen Baizhou/The Epoch Times)

The director of the Harvard University Chinese Program stated that from 2022, the summer Chinese intensive courses taught at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) will be shifted to cooperate with Taiwan University, and the name of the course will also be changed from “Harvard Beijing College” to “Harvard Taipei College “(Harvard Taipei Academy).

According to the Harvard student publication “The Harvard Crimson”, the well-known summer Chinese intensive courses at Harvard University attract many Harvard, Yale and other prestigious college students to participate every year.

The report pointed out that the course originally cooperated with BLCU. However, in recent years, the attitude of Beijing has become increasingly tough and the quality of accommodation provided is not good. Harvard has decided to cooperate with Taiwan’s most prestigious university, Taiwan University.

The course takes place from June to August each year, with about 80 students, and plans to complete a full year of Chinese study within a few weeks. Students participating in the program can take part in a series of cultural exchanges, including playing mahjong, learning Chinese music, and traveling the Great Wall in addition to 5 hours of language courses a day, and get immersive experiences from here.

The British education magazine Times Higher Education also reported the matter.

Li Chia Liu, director of the Harvard Chinese Program, said that in recent years, she has often encountered difficulties in obtaining classrooms and dormitories.

For example, she said that BLCU did not provide a unified dormitory for students. The students were assigned to two dormitories of different quality, or a hotel was found for students to live together.

“Based on the conditions they provide, we really can’t manage this project with the quality we hope to provide to students.” Li Chia Liu said.

Li Chia Liu told The Crimson News that she suspects that this unfriendly attitude may be the result of the Beijing authorities’ change of attitude towards the United States.

Because the Independence Day of the United States happens to be during the training period. In the past few years, Harvard students attending courses often held a small party where students and teachers would eat pancakes and sing the American National Anthem to celebrate. However, starting in 2019, the Beijing school stated that students can no longer hold this holiday party.

“We are told that our students cannot sing or celebrate,” said Li Chia Liu.

BLCU did not respond to the Epoch Times’ request for comment.

Professor Liu said: “No matter where the course is located, we are very confident that they will get the most from the course.”

According to Harvard University, Taipei’s courses have “the same rigorous language courses,” and students will also be arranged to travel to some of the most historical, cultural, and geographical locations in Taiwan.

Night view of Jiufen Old Street. (Provided by Taiwan Tourism Bureau)

According to the school statement (summer.harvard.edu), students can visit the Palace Museum, Yangmingshan National Park, Shilin Night Market, Jiufen and other scenic spots together, and participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities such as calligraphy, music, Tai Chi, and Mahjong, allowing students to experience China and Taiwan local culture.

Li Chia Liu is excited that students can explore Taipei. She said that Taipei has an interesting combination of modernity and tradition, and it is a good place to practice Chinese.

Commentary: It’s a blessing in disguise for the foreigners who want to learn Chinese language with Harvard university summer course. We all know a language includes many aspects besides how to speak or write it: in fact to the Chinese Communist party(CCP), it’s a weapon as lethal as gun because CCP has used language as a stepping stone to export its communist doctrine and corruption, even use the notorious Confuses institutes overseas to harbour the spies.

That’s one of the key reasons that the younger generations in the West are more brainwashed with Communist/socialist concept, as the consequence undermining the democracy of the core value of the West.

It’s a blessing that the Chinese language course is shifted to Taiwan.

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