10/14/2021 Miles Guo’s GETTR: The Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China have saved numerous people and let the world distinguish between the Chinese people and the CCP via our efforts to take down the CCP with the truth about the COVID vaccines and the antidote to the coronavirus


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6 months ago

You are sooo right. This disaster is planned and will be going forward harder and faster.
We must prepare now for what they are already putting into force. With The Vatican siding in and causing as much fear by deception and evil activities with his hinchmen … the Jesuits… you can not trust one of them for five minutes. Global Warming; Climate Change and Cop26 is all about them taxing the World 15% — They plan to steal most of the $130-T for developement of ‘Their Reimagining’ – Ha. Yahuwah in Heaven LAUGHS IN DERISION AT THEIR STUPIDITY AND EVIL!!!