COVID vaccine disrupts immune system, causing breakthrough infections

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According to a video posted on Gettr on October 12, Dr. Nathan Thompson, who studied blood test results before and after the vaccination, said that the vaccination caused severe damage to the autoimmune system, substantially weakening the ability to fight viral infections and causing breakthrough infections.

Dr. Nathan Thompson explains the purpose of the experiment to the vaccine recipients who undergo the study and gives the subjects remuneration. He said the purpose of the trial was to monitor changes in the body’s immune system before and after vaccination against the CCP virus, the same as previous laboratory studies done on AIDS (HIV).

Dr. said the trial included a full blood count before and after vaccination and an immune cell panel test, which included CD4, CD8 and NK (natural killer) cell counts.

The video also reveals disturbing findings. The results of the trial showed that a few days after the first dose of the COVID vaccine, the percentage of CD8, known as killer T cells, increased beyond the normal range.

Dr. explained that the function of CD8 lymphocytes is to specifically kill cells infected by viruses, such as those expressing spike-in proteins after infection with the CCP virus.

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The video also showed that after the second vaccination, the granulocyte percentage increased from the pre-vaccination normal value of 58.9% to 79.6%. Neutrophils dominate the granulocytes and are the body’s first responders to bacterial and viral infections and tissue damage, which indicates the presence of tissue damage in the body.

Additional lab results showed that lymphocytes dropped from a pre-vaccination normal of 33.8% to 13.8%, with each type of lymphocyte, including CD4, CD8, and NK (important components of the innate immune system), at their lowest values, indicating that the vaccine recipients’ immune systems suffered a severe setback within a month.

Dr. explained that if other medical professionals saw the test results for the first time, their first reaction would be that something was wrong with the autoimmune system and that the immune cells that respond to viral infections and cancer cells had been completely destroyed. If the immune status is persistently low, then there is no resistance to any other virus.

He said people are vaccinated to get antibodies to fight viral infections. Instead, vaccination against the CCP virus has had the consequence of being unsuspecting of the virus, leading to breakthrough infections occurring, which is exactly what we are seeing happen in Israel.

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