Harvard University Abandoned “CCP” and Chose “Taiwan”; “Beijing Academy” Renamed “Taipei Academy”

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From 2022, the Harvard Beijing Academy will move from Beijing to Taipei and change its name to the Harvard Taipei Academy, according to an Oct. 14 report on the Radio France Internationale.

According to The Harvard Crimson, the Harvard Beijing Academy is a joint summer Chinese language study program between Harvard University and Beijing Language and Culture University. However, in recent years, Beijing has become increasingly hostile, and Harvard has decided to work with Taiwan’s most prestigious university instead–Taiwan University.

According to the information: “Harvard Beijing Academy” arranges intensive Chinese language courses, language partner tutoring, Chinese culture lectures, social practice surveys, Chinese family exchanges, cultural tours and other learning and exchange activities. Since its inception in 2005, approximately 1,300 students from American universities have participated in the Harvard Beijing Academy.

Regarding the Harvard Beijing Academy, Professor Li Chia Liu, director of the Chinese program at Harvard University, told The Harvard Crimson that Beijing Language and Culture University does not provide a uniform dormitory for students of the Harvard Beijing Academy. And, starting in 2019, Beijing school authorities have also banned students and faculty from hosting U.S. Independence Day parties, singing the U.S. national anthem or celebrating. She suspects that this unfriendly attitude may be the result of the Beijing authorities’ changed attitude toward the United States.

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According to a statement from Harvard University, the Taipei Academy has “the same rigorous language program” and will also take students to some of the most historically, culturally and geographically significant locations in Taiwan. Students can visit the National Palace Museum, Yangmingshan National Park, Shilin Night Market, Jiufen and other attractions together, and participate in all aspects of extracurricular activities such as calligraphy, music, Tai Chi and Mahjong, allowing students to experience Chinese and Taiwanese local culture.

In addition, the course will interact with local university students and meet with Taiwanese families to practically practice Chinese and make new friends. The program also promises to provide accommodation for students, who will live in “a new student residence building with comfortable rooms and private bathrooms adjacent to NTU’s campus”.

Professor Li Chia Liu said Taipei is an interesting combination of modern and traditional, and is a great place to practice Chinese. Liu also mentioned that the Flagship Language Learning Program, which is part of the U.S. National Security Education Program, also relocated its Beijing-based organization to Taiwan.

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