[October 12th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Hello, honored fellow fighters, today is October 12th. Time goes by so fast. Since I posted the short video yesterday, have you noticed any problems? What is the state of the world economy from yesterday to now? Are you aware of it? Can you feel it? It’s really terrible. 

Because yesterday was a holiday in the US, so many things were not open yet. Last night, yesterday, and today, various indicators in the European and Asian markets suddenly burst out. Don’t ever forget that bulk trade, transportation and maritime trade, transportation markets, and energy markets are all over-the-top.

The sound is my wife making dumplings and chopping dumpling fillings. Yesterday I had a meeting starting at 1:30 am, and it finished at almost 6:30 this morning. Then I slept for more than an hour. I just woke up and took a cold shower quickly. I will have another video conference soon, and there will be another video conference before 12 o’clock in the evening in Asia.

The most important thing, if you look at the Japanese market now, you will find that Japanese finance is simply terrifying. Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea’s markets are all in danger. At present, there are only three places in Asia whose economies are just getting around — Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea. 

Every country is falsifying data, and every country’s economy is deeply intertwined with the CCP’s economy — don’t get it wrong, they are deeply connected. I listened to them presenting the data last night, and after reading the numbers, I was utterly dumbfounded. It’s horrible! 

This morning in our live broadcast chat group, our Mr.3rights (a fellow fighter) said that foreigners had invested a total of 7 trillion US dollars in China. I said it’s impossible. Yesterday, just Japan — let me tell you, Japan is an incredible country — such a rigorous country, where did the foreign exchanges of many large Japanese companies go? After several crooked turns, the money went to the CCP! 

Singaporeans are very cunning. They rarely invest real money in mainland China. They mainly deal with some investment structures. Japan invests real money. Germany is even more miserable. Lots of money from Germany, all from those large companies, is engaged in tax evasion and structural investments. Now they are paying a high price with both their money and structure. 

What is the whole world scared of now? They are all secretly investigating who has invested in the CCP China: Has any of my children invested money in the enemy’s side? Can they get the money back? It’s all about this, brothers and sisters. When I have meetings with them, I can feel their fears. You can’t participate. Brother-7 can’t convey this feeling to you. When you have meetings with them, you can clearly feel that, and then you realize how crazy and pitiful the world is. 

You expect how mysterious a country is, like making a movie, the intelligence forces are all like in 007 James Bond movies. This is bullshit. 

The British Empire is even worse. Let me tell you, this country, Great Britain, now you find that its government is not just old, this country is really rusted. They have a bunch of bastards and assholes as leaders. 

I have meetings with the British people. The GDP of the United Kingdom is four to five trillion US dollars a year, and hundreds of billions of US dollars are thrown into the CCP China every year. There is a limit for the amount of movable funds in GDP, and the movable currency is limited. And no matter how they go around in circles, the various trades in the UK are all related to the CCP China. 

Many of the investments by British used the investment structures in Hong Kong to get their money back to the UK in the past. It thinks that Brexit is a good thing for the United Kingdom. It is also a good thing for Europe. You just can’t imagine such a conservative country with modern politics can be so shameless for the greed of money. Even though they know that the CCP is committing fraud, they still go there to invest. 

It was really scary when I specifically got involved in such investments. The CCP’s financial capture, this kind of investment kidnapping, has caused unrestricted economic warfare that is much more serious than expected. 

Including Taiwan, now you can see them talking about how Taiwanese love Taiwan and how everyone is here to fight the CCP — you just can’t watch it!

We can determine whether two individuals have a close relationship based on two factors, right? The first factor is whether there is a sexual relationship; the second is whether one is very concerned about the other’s security and interests. That is the relationship between two individuals.

When it comes to the relationship between two countries, the essential issue is whether one nation invests capital into the other — that is the very core of the relationship between two nations. Secondly, does one country pose a security threat to the other?

In the entire CCP China, you can see for yourself in these meetings:  Nobody cares and loves Taiwan, they really love the CCP; Nobody cares about life and death of Taiwan, everybody is worried about the security of mainland China and how to join together to deceive the US — in the technical, military, and economic areas. You really cannot imagine it, brothers and sisters.

You have to admire the “success” that the CCP has achieved over the years. Although it is such a fraud, under the guise of nationalism and statism, the CCP is able to use the potential of a huge market as a lure and then promises huge benefits — a so-called $10 trillion US dollars investment.

Looking back at my live broadcast videos from 2017 until now, I have been saying the same: Every time after Xi Jinping traveled around the world, he looked around the world as a state leader, then he looked down on the West entirely.

“Do not forget we have the largest potential market in the world; do not forget we have $10 trillion in investment,” said Xi in every country he visited. And the whole world was completely fooled by him.

Like Wei Shi from Boxun.com, every day this bastard delivers information to the CCP in the name of democracy. He takes money from Bruno Wu (a Chinese entrepreneur and a CCP spy). So, do you believe Wei Shi will oppose the CCP?

Another bastard, Xiong Xianmin, is a piece of garbage, a liar, isn’t he? Wei Shi cheated him, and Wei Shi tricked all the other fake pro-democracy activists too. He cheats everywhere, but there are always people who take the bait. Why? He makes tempting promises to people — “I have a media platform here. You can publish your articles here.” Even one of our fellow fighters, An Hong, once published articles there. Right? Wei Shi lied to you that you could be famous by publishing on his website, and then he gave you some comfort to satisfy your vanity — “This platform is for democracy.”

The CCP plays the same games at home and abroad — in the economic, political, and military areas. It promises you something it will never deliver, makes you look good and respectful, and gives you an excuse that nobody but you know. Then the CCP offers you financial incentives, ties you up with information and intelligence on you, and makes you feel that you have no choice but to follow the CCP. That is what these bastards have been doing all over the world.

Taiwan’s economy has been infiltrated by the CCP. Taiwan’s government thought it knew everything — in fact, it knew nothing! So did the European governments.

The US is even worse. It has been thoroughly infiltrated by the CCP — in every field, everywhere. You can smell the CCP when you use a bathroom in the US because most toilet partitions are made in CCP China. When you use the bathrooms in America, you can see “Made in China” signs. 

This kind of infiltration, this kind of unrestricted warfare, and the penetration of the American judiciary system and legal professions — only the CCP can do these evil things to the entire humankind. The CCP has infiltrated the US prosecutors, judges, and judiciary bodies through joint ventures and partnerships with US law firms. Is there any hope for the US as a nation?

The fundamental foundation of the US is the court system. But all the law firms in the US have been infiltrated by the CCP through commercial operations — joint ventures. The lawyers were seized through the CCP’s “Blue-Gold-Yellow” plot: being offered financial gains, sexual bribery, or being captured by common interests — the CCP had their private information and used it to threaten and exploit them. In the face of threats and exploitations, the vast majority of them succumbed.

Yesterday’s meeting, how to say — I suddenly want to live broadcast. I don’t think I can dig into the topic without live streaming. What to do? Forget it. I am going to have lunch. I know you will say — “Live! Live!” Do you guys want the live broadcast or want your Brother-7 to tire out?

I need to have an early lunch today because I am so hungry. Last night I was tempted to go downstairs to eat something. But I am never suitable for eating late at night, because it would keep me from sleeping. I cannot lie down and go to sleep immediately after eating at night. But I can lie down and fall asleep with my stomach empty. Now, I am going to have my lunch.

The good news is that all I have just told you will be very helpful to take down the CCP. Because the money and security of the West have been stolen by the CCP.

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