Canada’s “Coronavirus Camps” and “Pickets” Will Soon Go Live in Saskatchewan

Translated by: MOS  Information Group – Sisyphus

On October 8, the CBC reported that the Canadian province of Saskatchewan will counter-hire a large number of retired police officers to join forces with serving officers to form a “New Crown Vaccine Policy Enforcement Team. The team aims to arrest anti-mask and anti-mandatory vaccine passport holders who violate Canada’s CCP virus outbreak in public.

Previously, Saskatchewan had secretly built a number of isolation camps in North Battleford. These camps are currently in operation – arrested anti-vaccine policy advocates, as well as coronavirus positive patients, will be held in quarantine in these camps. In addition, the policy does not provide any explanation for when to release detainess.

The Saskatchewan government has also recommended province’s anonymous reporting system which allows individuals and businesses to report anonymously through a website if they find someone not wearing a mask or not receiving the New Crown vaccine. The “New Champions Policy Enforcement Team” will then arrest and detain the Whistleblower.

Now, the naked red scare is spreading across Canada.


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