A Case of Damage to the Immune System after Two doses of COVID Vaccines

Dr. Nathan Thompson did immune system testing for a volunteer, before and after he took two doses of COVID vaccines. The test results show his innate immune system and natural killer cells, which are the first responders to things like viruses, virally infected cells and even cancer cells, are damaged. It is “a breakthrough infection”.

Dr. Nathan Thompson:

How you are doing guys, Dr. Thompson here

Exemplify Health Center welcome to affiliate right here in Yorkville Illinois 

Sure, this video, this is very important because I don’t know anyone yet who has done this testing

this is very important

I’m going to show you testing, immune system testing on three separate occasions,

and I’m going to give you when we did these specific things

The first one was a person, and yes we have his permission

This was some immune system testing that we did for this person that came in was, you know basically, type 2 diabetic

very high inflammatory markers, high triglycerides, tanked hormones

immune system not doing very good either

And so, the testing I’m going to show you, the one that I’m going to show you first

This was after he really worked on changing his life

and you’re going to see the immune system doing just fine, it’s doing great

But guys, this is where, is the reason why I’m doing this video is this 

and I’m not super happy, I am not happy, you know, about this 

I’m not spiking the football by any stretch of the imagination

Because I don’t want to see people get sick

But what I’m going to show you is I’m going to show you using medical testing, verifiable proof

Immune system testing of how from changing a lifestyle to getting the first

let me show it to you since I can’t say it 

The first

And then I’m going to show you after the second

and I’m going to show you the changes that took place in the immune system

and I’m going to show you exactly what that means when you read this testing  okay

This goes right in line of what as Wellness Way doctors, Doctor Patrick Flynn myself

this is exactly what we said what will happen

And now, I’m starting to see it happen

And again, It can’t be false because this is medical testing

Alright. So let me show you the first one 

Now this gentleman, he went from Type 2 diabetic to no longer Type 2 diabetic

went from being able to, hardly be able to, like his goal is to walk a mile

he can run a 5k now

He lost conservatively 60、70 pounds 

I don’t really measure that, you know, that much 

it’s not really that important

But all his lab markers got better and they change.

He completely changed his life 

ow, he got the this and he knew he didn’t want to

but he felt compelled to in order to keep his job 

can you imagine that, to keep his job

And I understand why men would do it

And this is why I tell you 

so, I can give you the information and give you resources always going to be your decision

I know what my decision would be, I know what my decision would be for my family

I cannot make that decision for you and I cannot tell you what hell that you would like to die on

So, I’m going to show you his first one, I’m going to show you after the very first one 

and then I’m going to show you the second one 

and I’m going to show you exactly what it means, guys please share this video.

Alright, so this is after him doing a really good job of change his life. 

his was when he was doing absolutely amazing, still is, except for his blood work now

So, you can see when you look at this, you see all of these nice 

all of these in…, within these ranges

but this one when you guys pay attention to this

et me show you look at the granulocyte count and look at the lymphocyte count

All of these things, these are basically, you know 

just part of the immune system, which is kind of basic panel a lot of doctors run,

all these immune cells performance specific function

And when you look at it, you can associate maybe the type of infection that are elevated

you can see the type of infection that people will typically have, ok?

So, granulocytes, things like lymphoceles, neutrophils

you got all your different types of lymphocytes

You guys are going to notice that when your doctor runs it 

they don’t differentiate between CD8, CD4, natural killer cells, things like that

Monocytes, these are dendritic cells, your macrophages is what we’re going to go over tomorrow

Eosinophils, so you know, associated with parasitic infections 

Basophil associated with severe allergic reactions, things like that

So, when you look at this, the biggest thing that you see is you say 

Everything is doing really well, okay

 want to show you this, this is after the very first you-know-what

So, the very first you-know-what

what you can see is we started testing and expanded immune system panel

And I said if you don’t mind

I want to see how your immune system responding after the first you-know-what.”

So, this is the first you-know-what, here’s what’s interesting

As you see, the CD8 cells started to jump way up

so, you see these CD8 cells start to jump way up

Now let me turn the camera around,

let me tell you what is CD8 cell actually does.

CD8 cell is called a suppressor T cell, also known as a killer T cell. 

What do killer T-cells actually do?

hat these are, these are sniper specific cells, and they are designed to kill virally infected cells

that have literally wearing the virus on the surface of the cell.

Think of spike protein

And it’s also killing cancer cells, that’s the job. 

They’re very sniper specific, they don’t do a lot of collateral damage

But I want you to think anything that is viral infected 

so, when you look at this, you can see those CD8 cells after the first you-know-what, 

you can see they starts jump up

they’re saying: Hold the phone, what is going on here,

we need to start killing off these cells

That are expressing a specific…, I don’t know how you say

spike protein, okay?

That was a couple of days after the first one, 

so, you’re seeing that a CD8 cells start to jump up 

I said okay, if you don’t mind

 want you to get it after you get the second you-know-what

I will pay for it, just please let me do it for my research 

I know that, regardless, you’re still going to do it

at least let’s get some benefit from doing it 

so that we can gain some clinical data

Because I guarantee you, I guarantee you

your doctor isn’t saying: hey let’s do an immune system panel 

an expanding one that’s CD4, CD8, natural killer cells and things like that 

guys this, if you don’t know what the test is 

it’s very similar to how they measure progression of HIV infection, okay?

It’s basically an AIDS test, so that was his first one

I want to show you the second one, we just got it back literally last night 


This got back literally last night 

Now, this is after the second

Now I want you to look at this, and I want you to stay with me 

please stay with me okay?

So now what you see is you see that his granulocytes 

look at how much they jumped up holy cow

These granulocytes are responsible for basically the neutrophils, the first responders, their emergency type cells

They’re responsible for…, they do have a viral component to it but they’re mostly for bacterial infection 

and they also clean up tissue damage

Think of when you have tissue damage like a pimple, like a scratch, like a sprained ankle 

they’re responders to tissue damage

and you look at this and you’re saying what on earth is getting damaged inside the body

Then when you look at his lymphocytes 

so, his lymphocytes are things like his CD4 cells, CD8 cells, natural killer cells, his B lymphocytes that are producing antibodies

the very reason why they wanted to do it in the first place to produce an antibody production

You can see how badly now that started to tank

and then what’s interesting too is that you can see that is natural killer cells have absolutely tanked as well 

natural killer cells, guys

This is part of your innate immune system, okay

This is your innate immune system and natural killer cells are your first responders to things like viruses, virally infected cells and yes even cancer cells.

And wow, holy cow you can see how that is tanked

Now, what I’m not showing you is all his other numbers 

but every single one of his lymphocytes are on the very lowest end of normal

and comparing it to the last one, they have absolutely tanked

So, what is tanked?

His adaptive immune system has absolutely tanked

Adaptive immune system, CD4, CD8, natural killer cells, his B lymphocytes

all of those things have actually just gotten pummeled

Within the month, now what has changed within the month? 

Gee I wonder, he’s still eating great

He still exercising, he still avoiding his food allergies, he’s taking his supplements

So, what changed in his environment?

It was a toxin

I’ll leave it up to you to understand what I mean by a toxin

So, look at how that changed?

So, listen

What if no one told me anything

If I looked at this and say “Hey, Dr. Nate, look at this blood work, cuz this is what we say.”

We say a person could be blind deaf and dumb, 

and dumb is not dumb, but meaning in the biblical term, you can’t speak

If a person could not communicate to me

when you say, show me x-rays, show me labs, show me that

and we could pretty doggone get it closely figured out as far as what’s going on

So, if you said “Hey, look at this lab and what does it tell you?

I would look at this lab and in 2 seconds I would say

This person has autoimmunity

et me say it again, this person has autoimmunity

and it’s how you see how that immune system is responding 

People with autoimmunity

So many times, I’ve seen clinically, high granulocyte and a tanked adaptive immune system.

o I want you to think of this, body’s trying to handle some kind of tissue damage

but also, the very thing that’s designed to handle things like cancer cells

and things that sound like virally infected cells has absolutely tanked

Are you look at this, how on earth can they ever say that it is working?

Now watch this. If they have this low and it stays and it persists, I want you to stay with me

And that adaptive immune system response persists

in which it’s going to have a bad response to any other kind of virally, in 

viral infection

Let me ask you a question

Let me ask you a question, here’s my question guys

his is a serious question

To the health experts out there, to the pathologist that are out there 

to the public health experts out there, if you looked at that blood work

would you say that this person a very susceptible of having another viral infection.

And maybe you might, you just might call it “a breakthrough infection”

You guys see that

A breakthrough infection, guys please share this video

This might get taken down

A breakthrough infection

You don’t like the kind that we’re seeing right now

or maybe what we’re seeing in Israel

A breakthrough infection 

o let me ask a question, I’m just not make a statement 

’m just saying I’m asking a question 

Could it be that after this, maybe this is happening in a lot of people

and leaving them wide open to have breakthrough infections after that

That’s interesting, isn’t it

So, this is testing, this is testing

And reason why is because I want to know

I want to know what it is doing to people

If you’re a doctor and you are watching this

Every single one of you doctors, become a doctor

and start testing those patients who have gotten the second one

and start testing their immune systems and start figuring out why

You are doctor, you’re not a clinician.

You don’t follow some kind of template on what you’re supposed to do

Too many people are doing that following a template

Well, it says “here in your blood work that this lab is out of order 

so, I need to give you on this medication”. Really. doc?

I need to be on this medication huh? 

But tell me what the exit strategy is, I don’t need this medication

I never had a person who came to me and said what’s their extra exit strategy

You know what they tell me?

Gee doc, they don’t have one, they never told me anything 

and just said take it for the rest your life

That’s not healthcare, is it, guys

Not at all

And now you wonder why we have so many people who are sick in the United States

Now you know why we have so many people who are having breakthrough infections

Now you know why so many people guys have autoimmunity which is the fastest growing illness taking place in the United States

So, we have to watch this, we have to see what’s going on

Does this look like autoimmunity? Yeah, it does

Here’s the sad thing though

I said well, if you see that, what do we need to do?

This is my honest answer, right now anyway

Is this

I don’t know

I really don’t, and I’m not afraid to say I don’t know when I don’t know.

But I don’t know, and the reason why is this never taken place in the history of mankind

We’ve never have seen it take place

I have some ideas on what we can do

But it’s a lot different than any other auto immune reaction because reality is this:

To help people with autoimmunity, you got to remove the triggers

The thing is I don’t know how long this trigger is going to persist in his body

And you know what else?

No one else does either

And the reason why is?

They haven’t studied it

They haven’t studied in long-term

And guys, I will say this, I’m not pun trying to spike the football

 hope I’m wrong, I really do

I hope I’m wrong, because if this is one person

we are looking at 150, 170, 180 million people, million people

Anyway guys, I hope you found this enjoyable

I don’t find it enjoyable

However, if I say “Hey, I think I found something”, I’ll share it with you as well

And I always appreciate when I share something with you guys

please share it with other people

please help them to start to open their eyes

because I guarantee there are going to be people who are suffering

and they need to know that they are suffering, it’s not in their head

It’s not in their head, just because the doctor can’t find it, doesn’t mean it’s not there

Because I need to look in the right direction.

I will tell you this. There’s not one doctor who will run that test

not one doctor who will run that test

They won’t run it and reason why I don’t run it, because no medication for it 

Sad isn’t it

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