U.S., Japan, Australia and India Launch Second Phase of Joint Military Exercises

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The United States, Japan, Australia and India began the second phase of the annual Malabar 2021 exercise in the Bay of Bengal, the Voice of America reported Oct. 12.

Previously, in August, the four navies conducted the first phase of the exercise near the U.S. island of Guam.

The annual military exercise in Malabar is receiving increasing attention as a joint military exercise of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue mechanism in order to curb the malicious expansion of the CCP.

The Malabar Joint Maritime Exercise began as a bilateral exercise between India and the United States, with Japan joining in 2017 and becoming a permanent member. Australia had participated in Malabar in 2007, but did not return to the exercise after strong opposition from Beijing until it participated in last year’s annual military exercise.

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The second phase of the Malabar joint military exercise seeks to build on the first phase to further enhance the collaborative operational capabilities of the four navies and focus on advanced surface ship and anti-submarine warfare exercises, the Indian Navy said in a statement Monday.

The U.S. side sent a strong battalion of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and two destroyers to participate in the exercise this time. For the Royal Australian Navy, this is the second time since 2007 that it has participated in the annual Malabar military exercise.

The CCP government accuses the United States of trying to contain China’s development in Asia with a quadripartite mechanism. For their part, officials from the four countries say the Chinese Communist Party is acting increasingly assertively in the region. So the U.S., Japan, India, and Australia often act together in the Indo-Pacific region, creating a cooperative mechanism to jointly maintain regional security and stability and contain evil forces, while protecting themselves and their allies from China’s “exploitation, corruption, and coercion”.

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