Miles Perspective: Western Lawyers Helped CCP Infiltrate the Legal System

Written by: Skagen

Translated by: billwilliam

On October 13, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed on his live broadcast how the CCP undermined the foundation of Western democracies—the legal system. He indicated that when foreign countries invested a total of 15 trillion USD in Communist China, many Western law firms and accounting firms that established joint ventures there deliberately shared their clients’ confidential information with the Chinese Communist Party, including the private information of foreigners and foreign institutions represented by these law or accounting firms and even classified government secrets.

Mr. Guo recounted his personal experience in 2018. The CCP hacked more than 500 computers in a law firm representing Mr. Guo and blackmailed them that their computers could be unlocked only if they stopped providing services for Mr. Guo. The law firm also represented more than 5000 contractors for the US Department of Defense. Is the hacking deliberate or not? Mr. Guo asked: How many secret information have been stolen? Yet these villains didn’t report to the police or the FBI and canceled services to me.

It is understandable that the computers are compromised in Western law firms with businesses in Communist China, including international law firms in locations like the China World Trade Center, Yintai, Jinmao Tower, or Hong Kong. How many confidential information about the United States or Australia may be leaked in this way? Is this intentional or not? Have these law firms made deals with the hackers to sell their clients’ information?

In another example, after two Turkish law firms visited China several times to discuss business, the political asylum seekers from Xinjiang who were represented by the law firms all disappeared, because the lawyers’ computers were hacked when they visited Communist China.

This is evilness in broad daylight. Evilness has manifested itself and is a threat to everyone. When anyone needs legal protection, his personal information is instantly stolen and transferred to the police or intelligence agency of the CCP (who will try to kill that person), because nobody has any privacy protection in front of accountants or lawyers.

Link to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on October 13

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