GT Online: Hopson Can Save Evergrande, Are You Crazy?

written by Potato

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According to a report from website 51.CA on Oct ,12, 2021,  Hopson plans to take over 51% stake in Evergrande Properties for over HK$40 billion.

The news says the property is the most stable source of income. In September this year, Country Garden contributed more than 20 billion yuan to acquire Languang Justbon and R&F Property, Greenland’s Green Min Property was transferred to Fantasia’s Fuchang Commercial for RMB 1.26 billion and two months later, Fantasia resold its core property assets. There were many people who coveted Evergrande’s properties, eventually bought by Hopson—–the largest real estate company in Communist China.

The news also mentioned the legendary entrepreneurial experience of Zhu Mengyi, the founder of Hopson. Zhu Mengyi, Zhu Rai and Zhu Qing Yi ,the three brothers are very successful businessmen in Communist China, Hopson is involving in the fields of insurance, energy, education, finance and new energy vehicles.

Mr. Guo mentioned that “Evergrande 3 trillion debt, Ping An, Country Garden , Sunac, Hopson’s economic devastation of the world has not yet begun, Zhu Meng Yi’s foreign debt and securities are far more than $300 billion, he’s playing the bills.”

Hopson can save Evergrande, are you crazy?!


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6 days ago

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