Microsoft: Appr 60% of Cyberattacks in Past Year Came from Russia

Translated by MOS Angelina

Microsoft said on October 7 in its latest Digital Defense, which covered July 2020 to June 2021, “58 percent of all cyberattacks observed by Microsoft from nation-states have come from Russia.”

The top three countries targeted by Russian nation-state actors were the United States, Ukraine, and the UK,” according to Microsoft. Attacks from Russian nation-state actors are increasingly effective, jumping from a 21 percent successful compromise rate last year to a 32 percent rate this year,” the report states.

 “Russia is not the only nation-state actor evolving its approaches, and espionage is not the only purpose for nation-state attacks this year,” Microsoft acknowledged in its study.

“After Russia, the largest volume of attacks we observed came from North Korea, Iran and China; South Korea, Turkey (a new entrant to our reporting) and Vietnam were also active but represent much less volume,” the report states.

The company said of the cyberattacks it observed over the past year, 21 percent targeted consumers and 79 percent targeted enterprises. The most targeted sectors were: government (48 percent); N.G.O.s and think tanks (31 percent); education (three percent); intergovernmental organizations (three percent); The Digital Defense Report cited both ransomware attacks and state-backed hacking as growing threats to internet security worldwide.


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8 days ago

分散对真正威胁的注意力: 中共 。他们指出了全球电子主导的目标。很容易路由流量,使其看起来来自另一个来源。

A distraction from the real threat: CCP. They stated a goal of worldwide electronic dominance. It is easy to route traffic to make it appear to come from another source.