With a Shortage of Coal-fired Power in India, the Energy Crisis is Likely to Spread around the World

Translated by: Buddhism Team -Accelerator

On Oct 10th, the Indian government releases a statement seeking to alleviate the concern about a massive outage in the capital and other big cities by ensuring that adequate coal reserves are available. Yet the fact remains that most of the coal-fired power plants in India experiencing a severe shortage have only a 4-day coal reserve on average.


India is the second-largest coal consumer where coal provides for almost 70% of its electricity generation and imports account for approximately a quarter of its supplies. However, a one-two punch of virus and vaccine exacerbates the labor shortage around the world and pressure on the supply chain. The continuous rise in international coal prices, which soars by up to 255% year on year in certain areas, contributes to the worldwide supply gap difficult to bridge in the short term. Virus, vaccine, disruption of the supply chain, energy crisis, financial collapse, crisis of government credibility, impending humanitarian and secondary catastrophe, early warnings from Miles Guo and whistleblowers are verified individually and beginning to happen.


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