The Candidate for Governor and His Wife Are Ill with the New Crown and Strongly Oppose the New Crown Vaccine Injunction

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team-Gloria

On October 10th, Texas Republican governor candidate, Allen West (Allen West) posted a series of tweets. He shared his experience with his wife contracting the new crown virus and receiving treatment in a Dallas hospital. He also said that now, he will more firmly oppose the vaccination order.

West, 60, served as chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. After stepping down in June, he is currently in the election for next year’s governorship. He said on Twitter that he opposes the mandatory vaccination of the new crown vaccine, and he has not vaccinated himself. West’s wife was vaccinated, but was tested positive for the new crown on October 8 last Friday, and went home the next day after receiving treatment. On the same day, West himself also developed mild symptoms. After entering the hospital for treatment, his blood oxygen saturation rose from 85 to between 94 and 96.

In the series of pushes, West thanked the medical staff for not forcing him to accept harmful programs, and natural antibodies are the best. He expressed that he is more committed to opposing the relevant injunctions, and should not allow the monopolistic and corrupt bureaucrats to accumulate money, and will never accept dangerous needles directed at the American people. As a Texas official, I will insist on a strong crackdown on anyone here who compulsory vaccination against the new crown. West emphasized the importance of personal choice with the status quo of his own moral family. West said: “Our bodies are our last freedom and a refuge for freedom. I will defend this for everyone.”

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