[October 11th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

Translator: Himalaya Los Angeles Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV
Proofreader: Himalaya Los Angeles Pangu (USA) – YY

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, have you worked out yet? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the vaccines? Have you spread the fact of the real antidote against the virus and the harmful vaccines? Do not forget the Hong Kong crisis. Plus, now Taiwan is in great danger as well. I just watched the show hosted by our fellow fighter Tian Jin Lao Ma on G-TV. The show was great.    

Brothers and sisters, you may have seen that in Europe, Italy, France, even the British trade unions are all rising up. Even Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) in a small country like Singapore could not stand it anymore. There were massive strikes in the US — Southwest Airlines canceled almost 1,800 flights. Now the only remaining group is the media who won’t admit that these problems are caused by vaccines.

I had a long meeting of over 4 hours last night. These days I really understand that there are actually just three powers in this world — the first is the power to issue money. Who are you to talk about justice without the right to issue money?   Good and evil are usually intertwined. Whoever holds the right to issue money has the power to define good and evil – If they call you evil, then you are evil; If they say you are righteous, then you are righteous.  

The second power is the media — as long as they control your right to speak, power of discourse, they can turn black into white, confuse right and wrong; they can make you die or make you live.

When the previous two powers do not work, there is one last power — the military, the guns! 

There are just these three real powers in the world — pretty evil! 

Ordinary people around the world are now aware that vaccines cause deaths — but the media does not allow anybody to associate these deaths with vaccines.

More than half of the world’s population, two-thirds now maybe, have been vaccinated. Among them, nearly 1 in 5, 1 in 6, or 1 in 7 have started to be against vaccines. That means more than half of the people across the world are against vaccines or have a negative opinion about vaccines, because they feel threatened. However, the media does not allow anybody to talk about it.

No matter where you are, crematories, hospitals, elementary schools, or high schools, they do nothing else but ask people to take vaccines. People all over the world are asked to take vaccines.

The media does not allow anybody to talk about a key issue — the side effects after getting vaccinated. And people are not allowed to talk about their real feelings after getting the vaccines. Maybe someone just wants to express their gratitude? This is not allowed by the media worldwide, which is so horrible!  

The evil forces have a far exceeding hold over the world than we have ever imagined. Even worse, money worship is rampant everywhere in the world now. Money buys everything. It can buy not only good and evil, but also somebody’s life, or the “truth”. Some people even want to replace God with money.

Have you read Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)’s speech about the Xinhai Revolution, 1911? Half of the world has interpreted his speech, and the other half kept silent. Some people deliberately leaked information to the public; some tried to mislead the public. In a word, they all disregarded the lives and safety of 23 million people in Taiwan — they are full of bullshit.

Even if someone has information against the CCP, they speak vaguely instead of disclosing it directly. It sounds like they are blaming the CCP, but actually they are helping the CCP find excuses and cover up more significant disasters. So, it is so crucial for people to have the right to speak, and the media is too vital.

Now I have realized how important the Himalaya Reserve System is! How important the Himalaya Dollar, Himalaya Coin, G-TV, G-News, and GETTR are!

The CCP is now so scared. “In the past two weeks, the CCP has tried to stop Himalaya Coin from going public and being traded openly — at all costs.” In the words of our fellow fighters in China, “the CCP will sabotage G-TV, GETTR, G-News, and G-Club at any cost.”

The CCP has taken some pretty crazy actions lately — it has made a lot of fake complaints and reported us everywhere. What good is it to you, the CCP? Do you think that can help you? Those fake cases you made will let the world know that you are framing us, which will make us the most moral force in the world — the stupid action you take is just what we want.

In 2017, Yang Jiechi (the CCP’s top diplomat) met with certain leaders of the Middle East, the US, and Europe.

When speaking of Guo Wengui, he said, “Hey, do not ask me about this issue. You should go to that individual.” 

“Who?” One European leader asked. “That guy,  Guo Wengui knew.” Yang replied — the person he was referring to was Sun Lijun (former vice minister of Public Security).

Later, Jiang Zhicheng (the CCP’s former chairman Jiang Zemin’s grandson) met with a retired British national leader.

“We want to reach a settlement with Guo Wengui. We do not need him to come back to China. Just do not expose anything more about us,” said Jiang Zhicheng. 

“What do you need me to convey? Whom do you want to put Guo in touch with? Is that you?” This British leader asked.

“Hey, tell him to get in touch with that guy named Sun — the exact person he has been in touch with, the one named Sun,” said Jiang Zhicheng.

Look, this is what Jiang Zhicheng said at that time. What he said at that time is the same as the CCP’s tone on the Taiwan issue today — the same tone as Yang Jiechi. In addition, they both have other “executors” working for them — Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu (former minister of Public Security), or someone else.

“You can go to the person I appointed. He can solve the problem on my behalf — just tell Guo to shut up.” Although he made such a promise, he kept on making false complaints against me around the world at the same time.

Whenever mentioning us (the Whistleblower Movement), Yang Jiechi and many bastard officials of Foreign Ministry call us a fraud syndicate. He does not know at all how many of those banks who believed their fake complaints about G-TV investments last year are in huge trouble. These banks are under criminal investigation now.

Our fellow fighters must remember — if your bank accounts or your family members’ bank accounts are ever frozen or closed by those banks, please keep the evidence well, including voice and audio evidence. We will start full-scale lawsuits at the appropriate time. What will we sue them for? There is a crime called “bank refusal to provide services because of racial discrimination” in the financial sector. That is a serious crime, a very big crime.

Brothers and sisters, we have been preparing for this for a year. We will launch lawsuits worldwide. We will sue these bastard banks for shutting down your family members or your bank accounts illegally, without any reason.

We will put together a global lawsuit because these are all due to the CCP’s false reports. Those banks accepted the CCP’s fake information, closed, or froze your family members’ bank accounts or yours. That is a severe crime of racial discrimination. No bank can afford the consequences.

Please get in touch with your Himalaya farms and have all the evidence ready. Then we will start the lawsuits – let whatever documents issued by the CCP in the future be deemed invalid around the world or throughout the financial sector. We will put those bastards who made false complaints and colluded with the CCP in jail. In the western countries, there are serious consequences for people who make false reports or cooperate with foreign institutions and foreign governments to make false reports.

When looking back at the past few years, where are these bastards like Wei Shi from Boxun.com, Xiong Xianmin, Guo Baosheng, Xia Yeliang? (several pseudo pro-democracy activists who worked for CCP to sabotage the Whistleblower Movement) We will let them bite the dust.  I am so convinced of it.

We, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Whistleblower Movement, must “act on our words — and as long as we do, we must get results!”

Another thing, brothers and sisters, please post as much information as possible on social media platforms to spread the truth.

When I participated in many global conferences, I realized how powerful our G-News is, so do not underestimate G-News. G-TV and GETTR are both powerful as well. We should post as much information as possible, especially with regards to vaccines.

Various agencies in different countries are reading what we posted — they all read the information we published and are deeply influenced by us. We have saved so many lives, brothers and sisters.

It will be great if the information is with English and Chinese subtitles. Japanese, Spanish, other minor western languages — Portuguese, German, French are all needed, as well as Russian. We have made a significant impact.

Every conference Brother-7 went to, I could feel the genuine gratitude and the appreciation from those whose lives had been saved — that meant a lot to the NFSC.

When we deal with people, we should not only ask for favors from others, reaching out our hands and begging for “a little this or a little that”, asking them to spend $2 for a document or pay $29 for a bag with “the Big-headed liar Lu De” printed on it. If you behave like that, will they pay you any attention? They will not give a monkey’s fart about you. 

But we have saved many of their lives now by telling them the truth. The information that NFSC provided — in their own words, “the information we read on your platform is true, and it saved our lives.” Do you know how it feels, brothers and sisters? What would it be like to deal with people if we only ask for something from them? 

They do not just listen to what we are saying. They have got immediate benefits from our information. So, please, brothers and sisters. Action! Action! Post and spread as much information as possible. 

Today is Monday, and there is much news I still cannot mention right now. Brother-7 might live broadcast on GETTR and G-TV at any time. Although it is a bit cloudy today, it is comfortable weather.

I have received many messages from brothers and sisters in Taiwan. I will answer your questions during the live broadcast. I cannot respond to everybody one-by-one because there are too many messages. Please forgive me if I fail to reply to you. Thank you all.

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