The Great Reformation of Humanity Is Coming

A friend of Miles’ from Russia commented on his first Gettr today via text message. 

  • He said Miles was so right about the UK. And the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) really wants to take over Taiwan. 
  • Russia and the CCP are in collusion. Russia’s moves and actions in gold reserves, natural gas, energy, and new weapons are in line with those of the CCP.

Miles had a video conference yesterday with a friend in the UK. 

  • Miles asked where the “hot money” in the world has gone during the meeting, except for those to the dark web. According to Miles, “hot money” refers to funds obtained through tax evasion or other illegal activities. Those investors who hold “hot money” are only looking for short-term and high-return investment opportunities.
  • Stock flipping in the energy and bulk commodity industry is very risky right now, even though prices have been rising recently.

Governments that promote mandatory vaccination must pay the price for those who die. 

The tech giants who have been pushing for vaccine mandates and taking away people’s freedom of speech will soon be gone.

  • Fortunately, half of the world’s population is not yet unvaccinated. And a third or half of them are waking up.
  • The evil forces can no longer push for another 10% or 20% of the population to be vaccinated due to the effort made by the Whistleblower Movement (WM) and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). 

What have those religious organizations done in the face of the disaster? How many religious leaders have come forward to speak out for people? Religious organizations and the media have joined forces with evil forces to threaten entire humanity.

world religion symbols colored signs of major religious groups and religions. easy to modify

Religion, economics, and politics all need to be reformed. How can the world’s prices and currencies remain stable under these circumstances? The monetary authority also cannot be dominated by a family or organization.

The vaccine disaster will gradually emerge by the end of this year, and then by May or June of next year, everything Miles predicted before will become a reality.

  • How can there be stability in society when people are dying everywhere and when there are strikes and appeals everywhere.
  • In addition, the CCP is planning to attack Taiwan at any time. At that time, investors will completely lose confidence in the stock market.

Miles is recently working on how to stock up on electricity, water, and food. And he’s also planning how to save more WM warriors in the future.

In a crisis, we should be calmer. And we should feel thankful that we have our G media platforms and G series products.

  • We must ensure that our warriors have the money first and then the ability to tell right from wrong. This is the real reason CCP is afraid.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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