” Three Types of Powers are the Most Important in the World, and We Need to Have a Voice”!

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Lakers

Today Mr. Miles reposted a video clip of him in Gettr, in which Mr. Miles stated: 

“In Europe Italy/France, and the unions in the UK, including Singapore are marching in the streets, and the US is on strike too, but all the media won’t say that it was caused by vaccines! There are three kinds of powers in this world, the first is the power to issue currency, with this power controlling the definition of good and evil! The second is the power of the media, which can reverse right and wrong! And finally, the third power comes from the military.  People all over the world know that vaccines have side effects and can be deadly, but they are not allowed to say so. You are just allowed to take the vaccine. The forces of evil are far beyond imagination! Money worship leads to the fact that money seems to be capable of buying everything, even to represent God!”

Mr. Miles concluded by remarking on Xi Jinping’s recent speech on the Xinhai Revolution, “Half of the world stays silent, and the other half sways the public opinions, completely disregarding the life-safety of 23 million Taiwanese people …..Therefore the power of media is very important for us!” – And that’s exactly why the WhistleBlower Movement wants to own and build our own media platforms: GTV/Gnews and Gettr.

Reference: “世界上三种权力最重要,我们要有话语权”!

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